After a surprise bump into a work colleague at the international terminal and a quick coffee, we were on a 15 hour flight to Johannesburg. We flew South African Air but went on a Quantas flight - still not certain what the deal is with the alliance arrangement is but quite frankly my dear...

Saskia doesn't do so well on planes as she can't sleep sitting up but I don't really mind. I love being served food on a tray. I eat everything. If it was appropriate, I'd lick the little dishes as well. I watched a couple of movies to pass the time. First one was as slow as a wet week about some fugitive stuck in the mud. I had to up the pace so I found one that was fast and furious - the title had a 6 in there somewhere.

Anyway, after warding off some DVT's and a quite a few trips to the toilet, we had landed. We had a quick chat to Peter Rogers in the terminal. He's the current Federal Secretary of CMS-A. He was doing some Africa rounds then off to GAFCON in Nairobi.

We couldn't find our driver for a while but eventually found him - he was misplaced. He was an amusing dude who told us funny stories of nearly being eaten by a lion.

The hotel was nice but simple. I think a light shoulder push would force open any room door and take the thin plaster board walls with it.

We had changed some US cash to SA whatever it is. I think we exchanged too much as we both ate a main meal with desert and drink for AU$11 - why the blazers do we pay so much in AUS?

We were advised not to wander the streets that evening for safety reasons so we didn't. We were tired and managed to make it through the night and now our body clocks should be nearly adjusted.

Another few hours today on a plane today then 2 nights in Kigali - Rwanda.

For now, Rob
P.S. The boys are having a blast in noosa. Here's an email from Erika, Saskia's mum:

That is Jake in the water and Mitch standing in the shallows. They are having a ball together and Oli made a friend and is having races along the beach. This was a great idea.



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