Here we go again

Goodbye Sydney, tomorrow Rob and I fly out to Africa for three weeks. Sydney - Joberg - Kigali - Murgwanza - Mwanza - Nairobi - Melindi - Nairobi - Kigali - Joberg - Sydney. 

It has been over 18 months since we left Tanzania in January 2012. I am excited to see old friends again, but apprehensive about being a tourist in Africa. Rob and I will be travelling on buses and transiting in airports. It will be a much more raw adventure. We will be without our car and without our boys. 

There has recently been violence in Kenya and so we are reminded that travelling in Africa can be risky. The boys back in Sydney are worried. When we were there before we were all together and we weren't worried because whatever happened we were together. This time we will be far apart and the mother in me feels anxious. Not anxious for me and Rob but anxious for our boys. 

Our reason for this trip is because I promised I would return. When we left our friends all asked, when will you return and I said Septemner 2013. It seemed a good distance away but not too far. The nursing students we taught in first year in 2011 have just graduated and Ephraim is about to sit his Form 4 national exams. It just seemed the right time. 

We are going to greet, we are bringing gifts from Australia and we are going to encourage our friends and remind them we have not forgotten them. 

I will let you know how we go. If you are some one who prays, can I ask that you pray:

1. Pray for our travel on many planes big and small and on long bus trips in those 'flying coffins'. Pray for good connections and safe protection. 

2. Pray for our boys who are left behind. Please ease their anxieties about us being away and ease there anxieties about the uncertainty of Africa. 

3. Pray for those in Murgwanza who are waiting for us. Pray that they can feel the love we bring in our visit and with the gifts we have to distribute. 

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