Tanzania 2013

Please consider...

What is best, I don't know but please consider....

When presented with the question "Would you rather us send money or use the money to come and visit?", almost unanimously, the answer was "visit visit". The fact that we travel to the other side of the world to spend time with people far less 'FORTUNate' is extremely precious to the locals here in Tanzania. It is such a blessing to them and equally to us. I have had more hugs in 1 week than the rest of my entire life. Spending time hanging out with these people is soooooo special.

Hanging with Murgwanza Boys

So if you've got some spare cash and want to bless others and yourself more than you will know, please chat to us. You might not be sipping martinis on a banana chair watching the sun set but the locals will think they are just by you spending time with them.

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