Silly I know to be so focused on food when so many around us have so little BUT sometimes it’s the little things that can really make your day. Today for lunch we had BACON, now for some of you that is a frightful thought and for me personally I can’t say bacon featured greatly in my life pre Tanzania. But as they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and that is certainly true of bacon. While we were in Mwanza we picked up a pack of bacon to bring home (obviously we can’t get bacon here). This packet of bacon has been taunting the boys in the freezer ever since. So today we ‘brought out the bacon’. The boys have enjoyed bacon and eggs for lunch while Rob and I a BLT with mayo on chapattis (so as not to totally forget we are in Africa.) I tell you it was the greatest taste – almost as good as a White Tim Tam which I think is pretty hard to beat.

In our first few months here there were many food items the boys craved. I remember Mitchell saying one day ‘I just want a ham and cheese sandwich mum’. I can say now that this has decreased and the diet we live on here is pretty good. Some more fruit and vege varieties would be good, but given that most people around us have NO fruit or veges and live solely on ugali or rice we are not really complaining. Jake does pine for strawberries and Olivers bowels could do with some brochili and apples but one can’t be too picky. Last night for dinner we had our favourite meal in Africa ‘magic peas’. These are bought as dried peas at the market and I don’t know what Godriva does to them but they are ‘sensational’ hence we have dubbed them ‘magic peas’. Unfortunately Oli just eats the accompanying mash potato so still lacks the fibre of peas!

Easter tomorrow so four days break from home schooling that may actually extend the whole week!! Thanks for the Easter eggs we have been sent, there will be an egg hunt in Murgwanza! This may however be my first Easter ever without a Hot Cross Bun!!Sunday we are going to another village church where we will sing and speak briefly I have been practicing my greetings and introduction of my family in Swahili. After church we have been invited to lunch with the Pastor. The Klein girls have advised the boys to take some colouring books as lunch is always a long affair!

Rob spent the whole day yesterday at Liz’s virus scanning and setting up her internet at home which till now has been very limited. I met with Nigel to discuss my role now at the nursing school now he is back. I will do some time in the library and some time teaching and some time doing short tutorials on the wards. We have been trying to get some work/family balance back as things were getting a little hectic for a while there. This morning all 5 of us had morning tea on snack rock and spent some time in the bible which was great. Rob now has taken the boys to town to get more credit for our internet (essential), more unga for our bread (essential) and a soda for the boys (they think essential). I am enjoying the peace.

Just to end on food, tonight’s dinner in case you were wondering…. is leftovers as it is Godriva’s day off!


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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.~

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