Crazy days!!

It’s been a crazy busy few days here in down town Murgwanza.

beansWe have enjoyed the first crops from our vege patch that we grew from seed (or beans as the case may be). Our first crop of beans was eaten by goats but yesterday Oli and George picked the second crop and Mitch and I shelled them this morning. We have had lettuce from our vege patch but I am not sure where that came from and I didn’t ask too many questions.beans

Last night we went to Ngara for dinner at the ‘burger man’ - a not well known place that was discovered by some Germans working at an NGO in town. Despite waiting over two hours for our meal the burgers and thick cut fries were well worth the wait.

When we got home we discovered two kuku (chooks) on our back verandah. Their legs were tied so we assumed that they were meant to be there as a ‘gift’ for us but we did not know who from. This morning Godriva informed us that the larger one of the two was for chakula (food) the other for mayai (eggs). On closer inspection we realised they were actually both for eating. ChooksUnfortunately by this time we had already named them ‘Pole’ (which means sorry) and ‘Lucky’ (for obvious reasons).

So swiftly ‘Pole’ met his end at the hands of the gardener next door (as George was doing his nursing school entrance exam) for a fee of 500Tsh (about 30 cents). There were tears from Jake and photos of Mitchell with the head (as seen). Now we are having ‘Pole’ for dinner (although Jake is refusing to eat it) – see the before and after shots. HeadThe boys are now begging us to not kill ‘Lucky’ and she has been renamed ‘Salama’ (safe – for now). We were so excited by the prospect of having an egg laying chicken we now plan to buy a couple of kuku mayai – Godriva says if we feed them up they will lay - we will let you know.

dinnerApart from random acts of chicken the boys (all 4 of mine plus some other Tz and wazungu helpers) have been busy building not one, but two new huts; one is a bigger and better version of the original hut, and another mte nyumba (tree house). Poor Jake has been very frustrated by the lack of work that goes on at the building site during work and school hours but Rob has promised that tomorrow (Sat) construction will continue at a great pace.

There has been reduced home schooling this week as the week was only three days long so we were a bit on go slow. Next week we will do better!! I hope. It is only about 5 more weeks till my mum arrives to assist and with more resources.

swings and cubbyThe secondary school students desire for tutoring assistance has increased with Liz’s return so between myself and Theo (a uni student from the UK) and mum when she arrives, we hope to get a timetable going to assist. Maths and sciences are the biggest demand as I have said before as there are few, if any, teachers for these subjects. I’ll continue with English assistance which is useful for all subjects but the maths, chemistry and physics is beyond me.

With Nigel back at the nursing school, my workload there will increase. I am teaching a couple of classes on head, neck and spinal injuries in the next teaching block. I’ll also do some afternoon tutorials for the students on clinical as well as spending at least one evening a week in the library.

Rob is installing routers and helping out here, there and everywhere. He may do some computer teaching at Mchungaji Mwema Secondary School soon when their computer lab is complete. Together we are continuing to gather info for the Diocese website.

The boys are well; Jake seems a bit happier thanks for your prayers. Now of course Mitchell is ‘bored’ so we are madly trying to produce board games to keep him off the screens. Oli is his usual self; he and Jake are busy roaming the countryside sticks in hand and coo-eeeing to the goat boys down the ridge.

Sorry for the long blog but a lot has been happening. I must go now and write our May newsletter. Sorry if some info is repeated - I know there are people who only read one or the other.


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