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University Lecturing

There are some mature age students here in the Ngara area studying for various courses through 'The Open University Of Tanzania'. I am led to believe that every University course in Tanzania includes ICT subjects.

I agreed and was more than happy to do some lecturing on their sylabus topic: 'Introduction to Microcomputer Studies and Information Techology'.

Now most people here in the wider community have never seen or used a computer. Those who have been blessed enough to finish shcool may have a job where they get access to a computer or maybe even own one if they get paid enough. Just about all the Desktop and Laptop PC's here seem as though they were purchased second hand from the 'Reject shop'. Probably a lot are end of life product from developed countries. They seem to all have pirate Operating Systems and pirate application software.

Anyway, looking through the sylabus, it seemed that about 30% of it was based on an understanding of Binary. This includes Decimal to Binary conversions, calculating bits and bytes etc. So this is where I started. Well it was tough. I spent a couple of hours explaining about base2 and base10 numbering systems. It was extremely difficult to get across the concept of using only 0's and 1's. The second day I also focussed on Binary. I felt it necessary before we even considered Hexidecimal or IP Subnetting.

There was even trouble understanding the difference between an Operating System and Application software. Even though the syllabus questions were of a higher level, I needed to start from the very beginning and drill down into the hardware layer, discecting every component of a computer system.

It's incredible what we take for granted in Aus.

I will persevere as there is light at the end of the tunnel Tongue out


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