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Another super Saturday


I know I know no blog for nearly a week then 3 in 24 hours - that’s what life is like here, all or nothing. Today was another great day of fun and fellowship in Murgwanza. We are just now back from a game of soccer at the oval in front of the cathedral. When we arrived at the field with our ball there was no one in sight. Before long the watoto came and the game was on. No need to go into the score, needless to say my team lost but we did put up a good fight. Some of those kids are fast, super fast.  Thankfully our Swahili is improving and I was able to allocate newcomers to the appropriate teams as they arrived to ensure fair play.ugali

Before soccer we had feasted on ugali and beans for lunch. Oliver as I have mentioned before is quite a fussy eater and generally lives on scrambled eggs on toast, plain rice and cornflakes BUT he loves ugali. Ugali is a dough type stuff made with water and maize flour (personally I think it tastes like perkins paste) but the watoto love it, much to Godriva’s pleasure.

Before lunch we celebrated James birthday. James turned 18 today. Generally birthdays are not really celebrated here and certainly cakes and presents do not enter the equation. I put a candle in his mandazi (a deep fried cakey donut thing) and we sang happy birthday. I think he was pretty pleased.james

Before that it was construction Saturday.  We had James and Reginald (another one of Liz’s boys) here working to help speed up cubby construction. So while Rob was up the tree making the tree house a little safer by erecting railings around it, James and Reginald were continuing with building walls on the other cubby and fixing railings to the roof. Of course a trip to town was required mid build to buy more nails but by the end of the day the tree house is complete and the other hut is nearly there.

Tonight we are going to try out Rob’s new board game he has titled ‘RATZ’. It’s sort of a cross between Articulate and Pictionary and Cranium....... should be fun.




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