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Sorry all for the lack of news, we have been busy. I have a long blog prepared but am waiting for the pictures from Rob. But I will tell you some exciting news as a teaser.

Today we got our first egg from one of our kuku mayai (egg ckickens). This one only arrived yesterday and appears to be having trouble befriending the other two, but this morning with much clucking and commotion the first egg was produced. We have been advised to leave it where it is until there are some more then take all but one egg, otherwise they will wise up and start hiding the eggs.

The second big news is George (our gardener) arrived this morning all smiles as he has been accepted into nursing school to start in September. This is George’s third attempt at the exam and he and I spent many hours preparing for it and all the hard work obviously paid off. George is the eldest of 7 children and he is the only one to have completed secondary school. He hopes to be able to complete his nursing then be able to provide an income for his family so some of his younger siblings can attend school.  We will support George through his first semester of study then he will be able to apply for a hospital scholarship. The scholarship acts like a loan and the students fees are paid then they are bonded to the hospital for 3 years post-graduation and pay back the loan with a small percentage of their wage.

Big blog about our Mother’s Day in Murgwanza coming soon. Otherwise I must go now and start school with the boys. I need to be at the nursing school at 1pm to open the library for the students.


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We have the resources, but do we have the will? We can no longer sit in self righteousness and blame God for the unethical distribution of His provision.~

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