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Mother's Day In Murgwanza


After a late sleep in I finally arose to discover it was Mother’s Day in Australia after receiving an email from my mother-in-law. Mother’s Day does not appear on the Tanzanian calendar, but it really should, mothers here work mighty hard and are rarely appreciated. Anyway there were no gifts from the school mother’s day stall or pre-school craft but I did get big hugs and some weeds (I mean flowers) from the garden from the boys.

After a long skype chat with my mum we did home church just the 5 of us. Then we set off on safari for the day. By this time James and Theo had arrived so they joined us and we headed out to get Ephraim as well. We had planned to go to the river or mfiga matatu but directions were a little sketchy and it had been a while since James and Ephraim had been there. Mfiga matatu is  where the three countries Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda border. We stopped often for directions and they kept changing, eventually we headed down down down to a village below who informed us we were going the wrong way. By this time we were quite an attraction and had drawn a crowd. It had also rained and Rob was a little concerned about how the car was going to get back up the hill as it was very muddy and we were doing a lot of sideways driving. So we all got out my six boys and I and Rob headed off up the hill himself. Thankfully he made it to drier ground and after more discussion about directions we decided to return the way we had come and try another day in the dry season.


We stopped in Mugoma for soda on the way back and again drew a crowd. It was lovely to spend the day out with James and Ephraim, they love hanging out having family time with us. They both live in single parent homes and have many domestic duties and responsibilities so it is nice for them to hang out and be boys.

They are both eagerly awaiting my mum’s arrival to help them with their maths studies. James who has started calling me his mum said yesterday he is looking forward to meeting his grandma!! I learnt more about these boys and their family histories from Liz on Saturday and it is going to kill me to leave them at the end of the year. They have suffered much and face many more trials in the future yet they never complain and are always smiling.  Ephraim told me yesterday I must be firm with them and make them go home and study. They may come and visit for a short time but then I must chase them home to do the jobs they need to do at home and spend time studying as they have mock exams in June and then National Exams in September. If they don’t pass their national exams they cannot go onto Form 3. James however was insistent that he needed to be at my house for many hours so I can teach him English and then ‘grandma’ can teach him maths!!!

Theo and co

Our boys love having big brothers to play and rumble with as well. James especially has been the chief builder and advisor of Jakes bigger, better cubby which we think once complete will become the chicken coop. Our chickens have become a little more free range now and wander the garden before coming home at night to sleep. We are still waiting for the mayai kuku to lay an egg and for her mate to arrive from the village but for now the two we have are happy together.

Rob has gone today to the hospital, nursing school, Tumaini and diocese offices to do computer stuff. He has been told the computer lab at Mchungagi Mwema should be finished in June so he may start some teaching there after we get back from Kigali. Today I got our visa permits to Kigali so we are all set to go and collect mum and have a break in ‘The land of a thousand hills and a million smiles.’

I have 4 weeks of teaching coming up in the nursing school so really need to do some prep for that. Boys schooling continues to be a trial. I think we are having the day off today. We are going to go on a field trip we will walk to town and get a piki piki back. We might even get a lollipop in town!!

That’s all for now.


Time Difference

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