Volcanos in Uganda

There were rumours floating around of some volcanos in Uganda that are very shy and seldom show their delightful heads. Apparently, they displayed their magnificence the other evening but unfortunately we missed them.

During the day, you can see for miles into the hills of Rwanda from our back veranda but you just cannot see any sign of the volcanoes. Last night, a text came from Nigel and Rose to say that they were back. I raced to get my camera and rushed outside to see if I could capture the moment. It was late and the light was fading rapidly but I managed to snap some shots. The one above was taken at about 100mm(135 equiv) and the one below was taken at 720mm - that's 30x optical zoom. Obviously a long exposure due to the minimal light condition.

I'm really hoping one day to see the volcanos during the daylight hours if the haze clears over Rwanda.

Uganda Volcanos

After this happened, Saskia went to the Nursing School to open the library for a couple of hours from 7pm to 9pm. In true African style, nursing students started showing up at 8:50pm with work to do on the computers. Saskia said no worries but didn't realize that they had a mass of swahili notes to type up.
I got there about the same time as these students and sat there cringing at the speed of the one finger wonder typing vs. the amount of Swahili they had to type. After about 10 minutes they had managed to type 2 lines. I knew they liked to practice typing but I wanted us to get to bed before June so I offered to type it for them. They gladly agreed and somehow a crowd gathered to watch me "magically" type without looking at the screen or keyboard. I can tell you, it really tests your touch typing skills when you are typing another language using messy hand written notes. I managed to get it all done in about 20 minutes!

We then locked up and stumbled home in the dark.



Time Difference

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