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A tough day in Murgwanza

A tough day in Murgwanza, I am busy trying to be all things to all people and not reaching my high standards. Jake is miserable and bored yet doesn’t want to do anything I suggest. Home schooling continues to be a chore plus plus. Thank goodness for wise counsel from a long termer. 3 weeks today till mum arrives. I am counting the sleeps as I am in desperate need of reinforcements. Home school plan version 6.1 to be instituted tomorrow, this includes the hunt for an offsite location to school in. We are hoping that by taking the boys out of home it will feel more like school, and away from many distractions. I escaped to the couch next door to nurse my pounding post tears headache for some peace and quiet.

On the lighter side a rooster arrived today trying to get fresh with one of our kuku. We ended the day celebrating Gilbert’s 13th birthday. The good news is that I understood nearly all the Swahili talk at Gilbert’s party. It was wazungu Swahili, but even some of the locals say I am getting better!!!

Today’s flip card calendar quote from Max Lucado fitted perfectly as usual…..not saying I’m a Navy Seal but I’m sure those who know me well will agree I am a high achiever, which means when I ‘fail’ I have further to fall.

I don’t care how tough you are. You may be a Navy SEAL who specialises in high-altitude skydiving behind enemy lines. You might spend each day making million-dollar, split-second stock market decisions. Doesn’t matter. Every parent melts the moment he or she feels the full force of parenthood.


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If you have a song of faith in your heart, it will be heard by the look on your face.~

Allan Dykastra
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