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What it's all about !!!

God's kids

After a very difficult couple of days, God has blessed us greatly (He's workin' on those prayers of yours - thank you) by providing us a load of local kids this afternoon. I don't know where they came from but they all came to our back "yard", boys and girls.

What a joy to love them, hang out with them and play with them. We were reminided that this is "What it's all about" - loving, supporting and caring for the people here. We had a great time finding out all their names, where they came from, who their familiy members were and just sharing Jesus' love.

Our boys had one of the best days yet. After I had given them a home school lesson this morning on car engines and other mechanical and science topics, the boys took themselves off down and across the ridge. They found some young shepherds herding cows and ended up herding them themselves while the "Cow Boys" laughed. They came back all wanting to tell the story. Praise God!!! Then the local kids came.

Camp FireWe decided to build a camp fire on the grass and fry Weinery Sausagy Frankfurty thingemy gigs in an old aluminium pot. All the locals were absolutely delighted to collect kindling and bigger sticks for the fire. We burnt cooked these locally purchased culinary delights to perfection, cut them into chunky bite sized pieces and offered them to all the kids. The few girls there were muttering in swahili to each other and laughing with me while I cooked them.......maybe not how they would have done it. Actually I'm fairly sure none of them had tasted these before. They all loved them.

GoatThen.......Mitchell decided to get the water baloons out. Gee do the local boys love water bomb fights. There was much laughter and glee as they raced around trying to get each other. This is such a joy to watch them all having so much fun.

After that, it was gymnastics time by all. Back flips, front filips, cartwheels, jumping and just general mucking around on the grass. How they love it when Sas and I join in with them. I'm gettin' a bit too old for back flips I found out!!!

DelightfulSaskia took a shine to the two youngest kids who despite being age 5, look about 3. The tiny one, Roger, climbed onto Saskia's lap while she was on the tyre swing and 1 hour later, he was still there nestled into her lap. Absolutely delightful. Saskia had to finally remove him as her buttocks were getting sore.

Near dark, we had to go inside to avoid Malaria and get the boys ready for bed. All went well. We had another great devotion around the dinner table followed by some Kenyan Cadbury Chocolate we managed to pick up from Ngara....it doesn't appear there very often.

Praise God for everything.




Oli and Co.


Time Difference

He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.~

Proverbs 19:17
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