Getting crafty


Last week for school we decided to dispense with the ABC’s and 123’s and get a bit crafty. Oli and I made a Robot and we all got into the origami. We blew bubbles (not technically craft but something different) George and Godriva loved them. We even attempted a little science and built a tin can phone. The living room floor was covered with all sorts of stuff from straws to rubber bands, glue and sticky tap. It was quite the playschool useful box! We got on the internet and found other sciency crafty things to do and Mitch made a creature out of a napkin and a lemon that rolls across the kitchen floor, much to Godriva’s amusement.bubbles

Today armed with a staple gun Rob and I recovered our kitchen chairs which were looking a little worse for wear. Also Mitch and I raced our origami frogs across the floor but it was a long way and I am afraid we both cheated.

Oli is outside (as usual) in his ‘explorer’ clothes out and about with Jonathon and Iona. Jake received a stack of banana bark this morning to use to thatch his cubby roof so the ban on cutting down trees has been lifted temporarily to get some small sticks for rafters. Mitchell is on the computer versing Theo on some computer game (it’s all beyond me!).

Soon I am going to drag everyone up to the oval for a bit of football, we could all do with the run around and the fresh air, after a very raining morning.

tin can phone


As you can see I have put the photos in myself!!! Rob is appalled at my arrangement but as I say always najaribu!!! (I am trying.) And now it is raining again, so instead of soccer it's movie time.


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