It’s been quite an interesting week. After a very fast drive in the Troup Carrier along a very bad dirt road for 4 hours then bitumen for a couple, we made it to Muleba via Karagwe and Bucoba. Muleba is next to Lake Victoria and just up the road there are fantastic views off the cliffs right out across the magnificent expanse of the lake.

Whilst here trying to avoid Malaria, I’ve been working on the Tumaini and Lweru Diocese Computers. Today I’ve been helping them sort out their Cash Books, P&L’s and Balance Sheets. Because they can’t get hold of any Accounting Software, they are using spreadsheets to control all their finances. With multiple Accounts, it becomes extremely difficult to control via spreadsheets. Anyway, I have been writing formulas and linking sheets all day. I don’t mind ‘cause I enjoy doing it and helping them to understand more.

Gration and Ezron have been looking after me. Great guys to be around!!

Yesterday, after work, the Tumaini guys took me up to Katoke-Lweru Secondary School. I had never heard of it. The school comes under the Diocese of Lweru and they told me that an Australian man was the Headmaster and his wife was there also. I was hangin’ to say “G’day mate” to someone who understood and was excited to meet Australians in Tanzania. I had a delightful chat with Sid and Marilyn Moir (from near Sydney, Australia) who showed me around the School. A fairly new boarding school currently up to form 3 with excellent facilities mostly funded by Australians. A FULL computer lab with modern computers and Science Labs with Microscopes etc.. The School appeared to be quite a benchmark. I tried to convince them they needed a break in Murgwanza to enjoy some fine coffee(it’s all relative) and views with us. Sid is extremely busy and finds it very hard to “get away” from work.

This afternoon, we came back from our meal of fish and rice (which is absolutely sensational) to watch some girls picking out small flying ants from the grass and eating them raw, hundreds of them.  I couldn’t bring myself to chew even one. Would you?

Tomorrow morning early, we’ll start our journey back to Ngara in the old Lweru Tumaini Hilux. It is a beautiful drive with beautiful scenery and many Baboons on the road.

Helping others is SUCH a blessing !!



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