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Wow what a day! Rob took the boys to town this morning to do some errands like pay the water and electricity bill. These must be paid at the end of each month or you are disconnected. There is no Bpay or internet credit card transfers so you need to actually go and wait in line. Sometimes you wait 10 minutes, sometimes you can wait an hour or two – such is life in Africa.haircut

Also on the list for town was a trip to the Saloon (no it’s not a bar) it’s where you get your haircut. The cost for this service is normally 300Tsh for under 18’s and 500Tsh for over 18’s. There only appears to be one style – short, shorter or shortest. However given the boys (especially Jakes) excessive length of hair they were charged 500Tsh each, given that the first offer was 1000Tsh and that at the end of the day it’s less than 40cents for a haircut, Rob paid the 500Tsh. So now all three boys look the same, even Jake!

While the boys were in town, I had a cooking lesson from Godriva....today’s lesson; making bread. I told her people in Australia have machines in their homes they put the flour and water in and close the lid and press a button and a few hours later – fresh bread. There was much tut tutting at this idea. So while I was entrusted with the white loaf, I asked Godriva to put sultanas and cinnamon in the rolls and we had fruit buns for morning tea. Oliver was stoked, he has been asking for raisin bread for weeks.

When the boys came back sporting there new African look, they were immediately sent off to find hats (to protect from the sun, not cover up the do). Jake and Oli then headed off hoes in hand to assist in the digging up of Bishops shamba. The maize is finished and some boys were preparing the soil for the new crop. As thanks for their help they were given a few random mahindi that had been missed in the harvest. Now as I type I am sitting ‘supervising’ the cooking of the mahindi on our very own mafiga matatu (3 stone cooking fire). Who says mahindikids need to be in school to learn!! What a life experience and what a classroom view!!!

In between writing this blog I am also preparing a stroke lecture for the nursing students. It’s a little less technical then I’m used to at home but I am enjoying thinking ‘neuro’ again. I was encouraged also to find that I still remember my ‘neuro stuff’. I even got to talk MS the other day as one of the new wazungu next door mentioned her brother had MS. Well it was like I was back in my little office at RNS giving the speel like I was there yesterday.

Today I also went for a walk to take photos of the bible school for the website. I wandered by Murgwanza Primary School and got mobbed by kids wanting their photo taken. They love to see the pictures straight after, you should have seen the kerfuffle!!!

Three more sleeps till we go to Kigali for a 4 day break and to pick up my mum. The boys are very excited about the pool in the hotel and the food treats we can get in Nakumatt (the supermarket there). I’ll be honest, Rob and I are pretty excited too!

Rob returned on Friday night after his week in Muleba. He was laden with gifts, pumpkin, sugar cane and fresh fish (something we can’t get in Murgwanza). On Saturday Godriva cooked up the fish in the oven – it was sensational and today we are having pork – another rarity. Each boy (including Rob) as I told them we were having pork said ‘bacon’. But alas still no bacon in Ngara, but I’m sure there will be in Kigali. Sorry to go on about food AGAIN!!!!samaki

June newsletter coming soon, sorry if there are repeats. If you don’t get the newsletter you can subscribe on the website and see the backdated ones as well.

Next blog will probably be post Kigali….till then Kwa Heri.







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