A couple of afternoons ago, we and the other WomenCraft Wazungu went up to the field to play some games with the locals. It was "Wazungu" (White man) versus Murgwanza in Ultimate Frisbee. What an awesome time. All the local youth had such a ball(or frisbee as the case may be). Then we taught them British Bulldog. We played on the full field. Some of the locals are very fast runners. It was a good workout.....specially at over 2000metres in altitude.

Last night, we had a farewell for Theo with many guest for a pot luck dinner and a game of RATZ. Theo's from England and has been here for about 10 weeks. He was well integrated into our family and he played with our boys a lot. We will miss him very much and we wish him all the best in his Theological type studies back in the UK.

We're just setting off now for a 3 hour drive on the wrong(right) side of the road in Rwanda. Only problem will be overtaking(vision issues) and roundabouts(mental issues).

We trust Saskia's mum will be arriving safely at Kigali airport tonight.

We got some more packages in the post yesterday. Some of them posted 4 months ago. Thanks so much for all your love, prayers, post and support. We love you all.


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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.~

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