Post Kigali

It’s good to be home. Kigali was nice, the pool was enjoyed by the boys, the ice cream and coffee was enjoyed by all. The gastro bug that struck down me, mum, Mitchell and Jake on Saturday night.......we could have done without.

We got mum from the airport on Thursday night and hit the town on Friday shopping and coffee high on the agenda. Oliver became firm friends with the pool guy and there were wazungu everywhere. Kigali is a big city and so different to Murgwanza. There were many big flashy cars and even more piki piki’s. There were people everywhere but it is all very very clean. Not a scrap of rubbish anywhere. Plastic bags are banned in Rwanda and the last Sat of every month is clean-up day - no business’s open and everybody cleans up. Kigali also has gardens and green space and fountains and Bourbon Coffee (like a Gloria Jean's but so much better). They drive on the wrong side of the road (the right). Rob found this a bit stressful especially at round-abouts and given we were driving a right hand drive car!! They speak English, Kirwanda and some French, they understood my minimal Swahili but really English was best.

Gorilla's in the mistOn Saturday morning, mum and I were picked up to go on our Gorilla Trek. The boys waved us off preparing for 48 hours of swimming, movies, eating, gym and generally no rules with mum away. Mum and I were looking forward to some peace and relaxation and real girly catch up with no boys. Our Gorilla Trek was planned for first thing Sunday morning. After an afternoon nap and some cultural dancing (which even mum got up and danced – sooo embarrassing!!) dinner and an early night all was good.

I then woke at 1am and thought I was going to die!!! My guts were churning and there were many trips to the bathroom, but I am sure you don’t want the details. Mum was not fairing much better herself so after many hours and not much sleep the 5:30am alarm went off ready for our Gorilla Trek. We managed to drag ourselves off and get on a short trek thanks to our driver Amon. We trekked only for about 20 minutes before we found our first Gorilla (well the trackers did) a huge Silverback 220kg chomping on bamboo. There were many more sightings and near collisions and the 7 metre rule (being no closer than 7m to the gorillas) appeared to be out the window. One new mum appeared from the bushes with her new baby in arms. She proceeded to sit right in front of us and show off her baby that had been born just the night before. We were the first to see it - even the trackers hadn’t seen it yet.

After the trek we returned to Kigali (I slept the whole 2 hour journey) to be greeted by an exhausted Rob and 2 very pale unwell older boys. It appears our bug was not food poisoning from our dinner the night before as Jake and Mitch had been ill all night and day as well. Poor Oli was climbing the walls itching to get out for a swim and roam (as he does).

Anyway it is now Tuesday morning and there was another night of broken sleep on Sunday and we were all very keen to get home to Murgwanza yesterday. Jake was still quite unwell yesterday but seems to have perked up now. He slept all night last night. I’m still pretty queasy and mum is pretty flaked out. Mitch is nearly all better and thankfully Oli and Rob seem to have been spared.

So today we are taking it easy and enjoying the peace and quiet and our little house on the hill. Mum’s been unpacking the loot from home, TIM TAMS, yoghurt, books, craft stuff and more.


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