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Graduation ServiceSaskia and I have just returned from the Kagera Technical and Christian Training College graduation service. Narsas translated for us thankfully. The students were very excited. This is the evangelist course to allow them to work with pastors. Most of them will return to their home parishes to carry on evangelistic work.

africa_161While we were in Rwanda, we visited the Genocide Memorial. The Kigali Memorial Centre was opened on the 10th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, in April 2004. The Centre is built on a site where over 250,000 people are buried. These graves are a clear reminder of the cost of ignorance.
The Centre is a permanent memorial to those who fell victim to the genocide and serves as a place for people to grieve those they lost.

The Centre includes three permanent exhibitions, the largest of which documents the genocide in 1994. There is also a children's memorial, and an exhibition on the history of genocidal violence around the world. The Education Centre, Memorial Gardens and National Documentation Centre of the Genocide all contribute to a meaningful tribute to those who perished, and form a powerful educational tool for the next generation.
Our boys were no allowed inside due to the nature of the disturbing photos and information. To read more about the Kigali Memorial Centre, you can visit the website here.

Water HorseAt one of our movie nights a few months ago, we watched a ridiculous movie called "Water Horse" about some kid who found an egg which hatched into a crazy horse thing with flipper wings. It turned out to be a Lach Ness monster. Well the other day, our boys suddenly pointed to the sky from our veranda and cried out that the water horse was in the sky. I snapped a quick photo with my iPhone before it vanished faster than the real Lach Ness monster does.

Scrawny chickenA while ago, we got a gift from Winston and Willbrod......a chicken. Well it grew tall and thin and started to grow those pink flappy things on it's head. Then is started mounting our other hens. Worst of all, it started to make this sickly crowing noise at 5am in the morning. We could not stand the pre-dawn alarm any longer so with the boys permission, George peeled it for us. Instead of letting it tenderise for a couple of days it went straight in the oven to roast. We were feeding seven that afternoon and the rooster was very scrawny. We managed to scrape some chewy meat from it and enjoyed every bit. What do they feed the chickens that we eat in Australia?

This Sunday, we are heading out with Pastor John to one of his 20 odd parishes. The boys will stay at home with Erika. I won't be talking or leading any singing this time. I'm actually a little relieved. It will be nice to sit in the pews and focus on what's going on.

Erika has settled in now and enjoys sitting on our veranda reading and taking in the views. It's dry season now and everything is already starting to go brown. The valley's are very hazy with smoke. I believe it will get worse as more fires are lit in the valley. I'm told that many believe that the bigger the fire break they make, the more they will be blessed. Blessed by whom, I'm not sure. The fires will come right up the valley to our house. Last dry season, WomenCraft told us they were beating the fire out as it was licking their property.
I got 300 metres of CAT6 cable in Kigali and Erika brought some Network switches and cable testers etc.. with her. I have been up at the hospital today preparing to run cables. Not so keen on the Asbestos roof. Maybe some one else can help pull cables for me.



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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.~

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