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Frisbee, baby kuku, teenage boys!!

What an interesting 24 hours we have had. Mama Saskia has been well-and-truly found and her maths services are in high demand. A couple of students were too impatient to wait till Wednesday afternoon and have come by the house looking for help. Vectors and matrix’s and other stuff that makes no sense to me. Poor mum is swotting desperately but hampered by textbooks that have errors in them. A couple of Form 4 boys, Auduyie and Abel, have come by just now with their exercise book seeking help.

Yesterday we had another game of Ultimate Frisbee on the field near the cathedral. We played wazungu versus Murgwanza again. The locals are really getting the hang of it and despite the score line showing wazungu 4 and locals 0 those four goals were hard fought and the locals are certainly committed to the cause. Slowly we are encouraging more locals to play and we certainly draw a crowd of onlookers. The only females playing were wazungu and the local boys certainly don’t go lightly on us. I know I woke a little sore this morning after the run around. The hidden holes on the field certainly don’t help!! We think Themistoclas broke his big toe when he ran into a rock!!

This morning we finally sighted the first of our baby kukus that our hen has been sitting on for a few weeks. We only caught a brief glimpse but we are hoping a brother or sister for it will appear soon. George has warned us to look out for eagles who will try and take them away for their dinner!

During home school today I had a visit from next door asking for my medical assistance as Ruth, one of the Womencraft girls, had collapsed. Unfortunately whenever anyone is sick here in Africa, they straight away assume it is malaria. The locals wanted to cart Ruth off to hospital for a blood test, but I managed to hold them off and go get Rose instead. Rose was schooling her girls so they all came to the rescue and I brought the girls to me for an extended recess. Needless to say it was a little difficult to get the focus back on school after that. Ruth does not have malaria - probably just a virus!!

Now I am going up to see Liz as she has been away for a few days on conference and I need to talk to her about James and Ephraim. Life is never dull here in Murgwanza. I will leave mum with her students and not so basic mathematics!!! This afternoon the boys are going to Kleins for some water play and I am tutoring English to Ephraim.

Rob has been up at the hospital today and tomorrow laying cable for the internet network, he came home a little frustrated yesterday but today when he dropped by for coffee, he said things were going better. Rob is getting a little frustrated with the quality of stuff and level of professionalism in Murgwanza, but this is Africa and we can only do what we can do.

So now it is many hours later and I have spent the last 2 hours driving from Murgwanza to Mugoma and return and then back again to Mugoma looking for James. Tuombe, his brother, came to me this afternoon concerned because James had not returned home for school after going to see family in Mugomo on Sunday. Toumbe and I went to Mugoma but did not find James but the family told us he had left there yesterday. So we returned to Murgwanza where Tuombes neighbour (who’s son was with James) told us of another family where the boys may be. So back we went again. This time we found James and his mates and brought them home. The mood in the car was a little chilly to say the least. Tuombe and James do not have a good relationship anyway and this incident did not help. Now Ephraim and Tuombe are here for English and James is at home waiting to return the bike he borrowed for the day (that turned into three!!). I fear there will be harsh words tonight, but I have made them promise me that there will be no beating. I fear I am getting a taste of life with teenage boys!!! I never did get to see Liz as she was resting after a big few days. I better try again later!!


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