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Gotta love the weekend

Slip n Slide
Must report home on Oliver’s 6th Birthday Party and show a few photos. While Oliver was so pleased with his toy tools, and the dump truck (which has certainly tracked up some miles since yesterday), nothing could top off the slip n slide. The young folk at Womancraft got together a bought a roll of 8 metres of builders plastic and set up our very own slip n slide here in Murgwanza. Oli and the boys (including the boy next door, Steve) and the Klein girls had great fun slipping their way down our slope in the yard. All the action was carefully looked on by the Brits and the Yanks from next door. 3 LegsThe local Tanzanians just stared aghast at the leisure activity that was going on. The guard declined a turn but the kids had a hoot. Probably one of the only times Oli will enjoy a slip n slide for his birthday given that it is the middle of winter in Sydney.

Once the slip n slide fun was over the piñata was destroyed then a few three legged races were enjoyed. Lucy and Mitchell proved quite the force to beat until James and Ephraim arrived. After a couple of early falls, James and Ephraim soon got their rhythm and came home the winners.

Mitchell then took control of Steven’s iPad (what is it with that boy and screens!!) before long he had found the iFart app and James, Ephraim and Mitch were all laughs. What is it with boys and farts? It seems they are still funny across the cultures.

All in all I think Oliver had a great day, he exclaimed to me tonight ‘mum I can’t believe I am now six and need two hands to show you how many fingers I am!!’

This morning James and Ephraim returned for home church, along with Wilbrod, Winston and Enoch. It was good to have Ephraim here to help with the translating. iFartWe hope to get all five of them back on the weekend for a screening of the Jesus Film in our lounge room. Just need to catch Liz between all her trips to arrange it.

After church we took James and Ephraim to town to get a few things then on the spur of the moment we decided to go and treat them to a soda. When we turned right out of the market instead of left for home, they asked where we were going and Rob jokingly said Kabanga. (Kabanga is the border town to Burundi). It’s only about a 15 minute drive from Ngara. Despite its proximity and the fact that James has lived in Ngara all his life, neither he nor Ephraim have ever been. Well you should have seen the smiles and grins on their faces. We couldn’t resist, they were sooo excited. So ok we said let’s go to Kabanga, then to ice the cake we said we’ll get a soda!!! My word they were grinning and praising God and hugging each other in the back seat. So we went to Kabanga and they said they were now like tourists!! We plan to get out a bit more and take the boys out to see a bit of their wider district.

KabangaOn return we stopped by Ephraim’s place. He is staying with a friend near town for the holidays as it is a long way from his home to school and the boy who usually lives there is away. (Despite it being school holidays, the Form 2 and Form 4 students are still having morning classes to prepare for their National Exams in August.) There is another room that will become vacant soon that Ephraim hopes to move into himself. We are going to assist him with his rent. The room, which is about 2m square and has no running water or electricity attached, will cost 10,000Tsh per month for rent – that’s about AU$7. Being closer to school will allow Ephriam more time for study as much less time is needed for travel. Also living with other students will enable them to study together.

Finally we got back to James house. Things have been tense at James' house with the relationship with his brother Tuombe. We had bought them a bag of miaze for food for the family and as Rob was getting it out of the car the bag split and maize went everywhere. In Australia we would have scooped up the bulk and left the rest, but here food is so precious we spent about 15 minutes - myself, James and Tuombe - picking up every last piece off the ground. While we worked I chatted with the boys about the devotion Rob and I had done yesterday at chai and other general chit chat, trying to assist to mend the broken relationship.


After going and greeting James family, Rob and I returned home with our boys only to go virtually straight up to the oval armed with our soccer ball and out three pronged Frisbee which you fly like a boomerang. So we spent another couple of hours of just hanging out and playing with the locals. While I was there a couple of nursing students spotted me and came to ask a couple of questions about their emergency medicine assignment. I was only too happy to proof read – they had done a really good job and only really needed a couple of vocab questions answered.

Gotta love a weekend….back to school and work tomorrow – today we have reached the 5 month mark in Africa!!!


Time Difference

Children have never been very good at listening to elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.~

James Baldwin
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