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The other day Rob and I took a short video in town. We talk so often of going to 'town' we thought we would show you what it's like. It is the dry season here so everything is particularly dry and dusty, however even in the wet the sokoni is dirt.. There has been a lot of changes to the sokoni since we arrived in January, with a lot of new duka's being built and opening. The selection of goods however has not changed. Recently the one place you could buy an ice cream in town has got rid of it's freezer!! A sad day for Rob and the boys.The ice creams were not all that great and I think the owner was not making a lot of money as most of them were often melted and refrozen during transport. We have now discovered these mango juices in tetra packs like a 'sunny boy' which we can bring home and freeze ourselves and they are like a Weiss Bar - I am serious this is a highlight!!!

Godriva still does the bulk of our food shopping at the big market on a Saturday. I however do occasionally top up during the week especially on things like bananas (which the boys inhale no matter how many we get on Saturday) and rice because I frequently give it away. I am learning what things should cost and hopefully I am paying a fair price. I have discovered it is no use just verbally bartering - you need to actually walk away and suddenly the price plummets. At the end of the day we are haggling over maybe one dollar or less, but it's the principle of the thing. Whenever I shop with James and Ephraim they tell me to wait outside while they get a price then they come and tell me, otherwise invariably the price goes up. The other day when I tried to interfere in the bartering Ephraim was doing, he told me very politely to 'just wait!'.  I have learnt my lesson.


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