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We are home, back on Aussie soil and strangely enough it feels like we never left. Yesterday after a mammoth effort by some good mates to get our furniture back in the house we had our first night in our house and in our beds. We also enjoyed the best tasting sausage sandwich I have ever had in my life; the smell of the BBQ cooking was sensational. We all slept incredibly well and it was a mad dash to church this morning.

We are overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ we have and not quite sure what to do with it all. The boys are loving opening up boxes and finding old books and toys that have been stored away for 12 months. Rob is dazed and confused by the number of boxes marked study stuff and cords and leads and we are struggling to find homes and a need for them all. I am staggered by the number of clothes we have, after surviving on 5 shirts and two pairs of pant for a year. I keep finding more and more boxes of clothes. However in our defence the weather doesn’t change much in Murgwanza so there is no need for seasonal clothes, also no need for school uniforms and ‘work clothes’ for Rob and I.

The boys are enjoying their cousins and their bikes and scooters and rediscovering the neighbourhood. I am wondering how tight a leash they need after having free roam in Murgwanza for 12 months, how to reintroduce stranger danger and traffic awareness. Jake is amazed at the amount of food and choice available.

We have been hugely blessed over our time away and are so thankful for all your support and prayers of us. This blessing has continued on our return with basic food stuffs being supplied on arrival and helpers ready and willing to take our kids or lend a hand with a couch or a box and so on. It was so lovely to go to Warrawee Anglican this morning and enjoy a very brief 1 hour service, all in English and good coffee after the service. The boys couldn’t believe when church was over in just one hour!!

This week we will continue to unpack and get settled. On Wednesday we should have a home phone and internet. For now we are contactable via our mobiles, Rob’s old number is back in use 0421342865 and I have a new number 0424736612. Next Sunday we will be at St Philips, South Turramurra I am speaking at the 8am and the 6pm services. Rob is back at work at Pacific Hills on the 23rd Jan and I’ll be back at Royal North Shore the week of the 30th Jan. Boys will be back at school on the 30th Jan (all three!!!). I guess it’s business as usual.

It is good to be home, of course we miss our mates in Murgwanza but we are enjoying catching up with all our Aussie mates. Feel free to drop by the house and say g’day (we are used to visitors). I still haven’t needed to cook any meals but I can offer you a cuppa. The washing machine has sure had a workout and its incredible how quickly clothes dry when they have been through a spin cycle versus hand washing!! We look forward to seeing what 2012 brings and what the Lord has installed for us in the future for now we are enjoying the blessings we have now. Amen


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