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January Newsletter

It is with heavy hearts that we sit down to write this final newsletter from Murgwanza. During the week we have been reading through the past 12 newsletters we have sent. We have been re-living the journey of the past 12 months - living, loving, working and serving in Murgwanza. We came to Murgwanza with one purpose - to share Christ's Love by loving and serving the people here. I hope and pray that this is what we have done.

On the 3rd of January we drive out of Murgwanza bound for Mwanza and then onto Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam then home to Australia. For so long, whenever we went away for a break, we would talk about going home at the end but that meant home to Murgwanza. When we were out and about in Murgwanza and people asked 'where are the boys' and we would say ‘at home’, we were meaning our house in Murgwanza. Our house in Murgwanza has been our home for the past 12 months. It has been open to all who have come to visit....those who came requesting financial support, practical help, English or Biology tutoring or computer assistance. It has been open to those who just wanted to chat about life or to play football in our yard or to draw with our pencils.

Extended Family

We have formed relationships with kids, students and adults alike. We have befriended the local kids who come from the surrounding villages and speak not a word of English but know that they are welcome to use our swing and play with our ball and who greet us warmly and know us as Mama and Baba Mitchell. Our house was often full of students here for formal tutoring or just chatting to practice their English and learn about life in Australia and the rest of the world. Many have enjoyed a movie or two with our boys on the couch. We have talked about politics, religion, education and life. We have laughed and in some instances cried together.

Yes, we have also 'worked'. Rob has made great advancements and improvements to the computer networks and internet services here in Murgwanza. He has designed the Diocese a website and has taught many people from all different stages of computer experience many things. Sas has taught in the Nursing School and catalogued the entire nursing school library as well as assisted with computer teaching (to a much lesser extent). These things are all good and useful work and there is always more to be done.

Saskia with village kids

BUT the most important thing that we think has happened this year while we have lived and worked and loved and served the people of Murgwanza is that we have related to them. We have taken time to sit and talk and to listen and to laugh. We have encouraged and been encouraged. We have made many lifelong friends and come Monday night when we finally close the door on the last visitor, it will be really tough to have said our last goodbye.

Everyone here is always asking when we will return and we can’t honestly say. We would love and hope to return again but the timing and planning for such is at God’s will. The people here understand that things only happen ‘if God wishes’ translated as 'Mungu akipenda'. While we can hope and pray, ultimately it is up to God and His timing to guide us from here, so as we have been saying to people here, it is not kwaheri (goodbye) but tutaonana tena (see you again).

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

For those of you in Australia, we look forward to seeing you soon!!!


Time Difference

He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.~

Proverbs 19:17
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