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Children's Day - by Jake

I Just got back from village church. We first arrived and went to the pasters house and had mandazi and tea We rehearsed what we were going to say then we went to church. We sat up the front and sang the slow him they alwas do when the people dressed in whight robes walk down the lie. There was a short bit of kswahili talk then the choir sang a song. Then a child came up and read o the church from the bible. It was cute. Then there was another short bit of talking after that the mothers union choir sang a song. Then another child read to us from the bible. Then one big group off kids did one of there christian tribal dances. I liked it. Then there was some more talking but then it was mums turn. first she introduced herself to the church then did a prayer. Then mum read something else from the bible. Then another bunch of kids got up and did there tribal dance it was good. Then the paster did a special prayer for kids. There was a bit of talking then there was the offer tree.  Someone walked around with a basket and people put there offer in. Then the choir did another big song. Then there was lots and lots of talking. Thats were I stopped writing notes but I know there was lots of singing and dancing the girls did there tribal dance but then the other girls did they were competing. We sang a few songs and mum did her other talk. Then every one went outside onto the oval and we gave them some things then everyone paraded back inside there was a bit of talking then we had the food. There was rice, beans, bananas and meat.  But it was hardly meat it was the skin the breathing tube the eating tube the stomach and the intestines and a tiny bit of meat. But the thing is they bring out meat and rice so I stuffed myself then they brang every thing else and I missed out. Then we were just walking around then we left. back at home there was so many guest's I could not believe it. We  started to watch kung fu panda then wilbrod came so we paused it. He gave us a present each (it was rapped up offcourse) It was a shirt I got one oli got one mitchell got one dad got one and mum got a kanga. Then we went to Imanis house. I need to go to bed now but all you need to know is we went to Imanis we had soda and talked then we came home I did the washing up for mum and now I am going to bed.


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For the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will be their Shepherd, and He will guide them to the springs of the waters of life; and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.~

Revelation 7:17
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