We're very happy to report that our trusty Hilux Surf has been sold to the Diocese of Kagera Solar Lighting Project care of Andy Bennett. Praise God for aligning our need with Andy's. So now we have two weeks and a drive to Mwanza in a borrowed car (the same one).

I'm really starting to look forward to Family, Friends, Church, Pacific Hills, USA-Made-Ovation Guitars, Pedalling 27" Carbon, Thrashing 26" MTB, Native Gardens, Good Coffee, tasty food etc. etc.

It will be very difficult coming back to an extremely materialistic society though!!!!

I was just chatting to a young man at our house who has stomach problems. The doctor at the hospital told him that he must eat more small meals and not just one big meal every two or so days. Now that might sound easy but think about food preparation. Getting enough food to eat is only the first challenge. Maize (for Ugali) is no good for his stomach and the only other available food choices are bananas or rice which are more expensive. The second challenge is charcoal and firewood. People just cannot turn the 'stove top' on! There is no electricity or gas! A fire is used every cook and this costs in money and time. Firewood must be gathered and charcoal purchased or made. This is why people here generally eat once a day or twice if they are lucky.

I remain convinced that education is liberation for these people. We feed the hungry but tomorrow they're hungry again. If we get people educated, it gives them the ability to earn an income which feeds them and their families. It also enables their siblings an education… I am a firm believer in giving people the net, not the fish.



Time Difference

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.~

Henry Drummond
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