16 sleeps

I am aware it is the 18th of December and this is only the 4th blog for the month. I am getting tired of telling our life tales by typing and really want to talk to people.

We have 16 more sleeps in Murgwanza, it is all too surreal. I am trying to pack up but just can’t get motivated. We have Mitchell’s birthday next Saturday, Christmas on Sunday, then New Year’s Eve and our farewell party. It is all very overwhelming. I am going to attempt to roast a leg of goat for Christmas and roast potatoes and have peas and carrots, not sure about gravy.

This morning we had our first hodi before 8am and have visitors in the house since then. We had home church with Johnathon, James and George and it was really nice. I have baked a chocolate cake, so all the visitors are happy today.

On Friday night we celebrated Christmas with the Klien’s, Bennet’s and Liz. The Klien’s left this morning for Arusha for Christmas then onto Kenya for a conference. The Bennet’s go next Saturday to fly to Nairobi for the same conference and Liz is very busy at Christmas so we will be the only wazungu in Murgwanza on Christmas day.

The boys are making lists of things they want to do on return to Sydney. The beach and grandma’s are high on the list.

On Friday also the nursing school had a farewell chai for Rob and I and I cried (of course) it was a very moving time and I fear only the first of many farewells.

That’s all for now, I am too tired to write more.


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