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Rats, cake, burgers and bananas & beans

It has been another busy week in Murgwanza. We have had visitors galore, last minute money requests, people begging us to stay and lots of laughs with Kirsti and Amy. Mid week we had a few disturbed nights caused by a pesky rat, which has now been sorted, thanks Imani for the trap!!!

A Lot of FoodYesterday Liz held a meal for all the students that she supports through tuition and in turn they work off their debt on Saturdays. There were about 50 students who needed to be fed and they sure take the opportunity when there is a free meal on offer. Between us we cooked up 20kg of rice, 5 kg of beans, 3 kgs of peas and some meat as well. You should have seen the piles of food on the plates going by. For many of this rice is a big treat and so they weren’t going to miss out - usually they would live on a diet of ugali.

A heavy rainstorm interrupted proceedings and so 40 odd students plus Rob and guitar crowded onto Liz’s veranda for a bit of a sing a long before a break in the weather allowed Liz to speak to them all and encourage them to continue with their studies. Then Rose pulled out the cakes….you should have heard the clapping and cheering at the prospect of eating cake. Now we are not talking about fancy cake just plain chocolate with no icing but the students LOVED it. Then the rain returned and so they were all invited in to watch a movie at Liz’s as they couldn’t be sent off home in the teaming rain. Well after a scamble at the door to remove shoes there was quite an impressive pile outside and many hot bodies inside. We decided this was our cue to leave..

Last night we introduced Andy and Jenny to ‘The Burger Man’. They have lived in Murgwanza for 3 years and didn’t know about his existence. They now have his number and the burger man has two new happy customers.

Cake it appears is something we take for granted. After the feast here on Tuesday for Jakes birthday, word spread around Murgwanza about cake at the Lawlers house. We had two Pastors who’s kids were at the party come calling looking for left overs. Unfortunately there was none so the next cake I made a sent a take away package home with Gilbert for his dad and Vitahlis pre ordered chocolate cake for Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

Saskia's Bananas and BeansThis morning I also took to the kitchen to attempt my first ever bananas and beans. We had left over green bananas from Tuesday and I thought ‘how hard can it be?’ I have watched the process in part a few times. Well the result was fine....not as good as Godriva’s but still quite tasty and all the boys loved it – Johnathon even had seconds and said "Mama Mitchell I like your food". Just wait till I tell Godriva in the morning!!

Now it’s Sunday night and I am tired after a house full this arvo and have a headache, probably also due to lack of sleep as my mind just won’t turn off at night. We have a couple of things coming up I need to prepare for plus of course coming home. This week I am going to chai with one of my English students to meet the family and we have Bible College graduation on Thursday. Friday morning Rob and I are helping to examine the nursing students on a computer prac. On Friday night we will farewell Kirsti and Amy (short termers from Vic), probably with an afternoon tea with all and sundry then a meal on Friday night with the other missio’s. I am planning a children’s talk for after Christmas that I will try and do in some Swahili but will need a translator as well. We will also need to make another trip to the cathedral to say bye and thanks for having us. Rob is busy trying to finish his latest database and document the work he has done this year (no small task). Kirsti and I are going to try to get to the kids ward this week armed with colouring pencils and a few Swahili songs we have learnt, hoping to make a few kids happier.


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