Jake's Birthday

Jake's Party

November 29th was an exciting day in Murgwanza. Jakey boy, my sweet, kindhearted boy turned 9. It started off like any other day and Jake claiming it didn’t ‘feel’ like his birthday, although I am not sure what it should feel like. We had a some skpye calls with home and then headed to snack rock with our morning coffee.

Bananas and BeansWe returned home to enjoy our banana’s, beans and goat for lunch as per Jakes request. We shared this meal with Imani and Godriva and Ephraim as they are all like our family here. Then later we had cake and soda with about 30 of our nearest and dearest. We also had a visit form Frisky the clown, bet you’ve never seen a clown in Murgwanza before. She was great fun and had the kids (from 18 months to 18 years) all joining in with stick the nose on the clown and racing red noses to a bucket and then finally a chorus of ‘Hallajeuh, Praise be the Lord’.

The fun and games were followed by soda and cake on the veranda. I think we hit a new record for the number of guests at one time. After I was particularly frugal in the cake cutting up (of which there were three) it was an all in and we managed to polish them all all. One chocolate, one vanilla and one banana cake, all washed down with various flavours of soda for the young and cups of tea for the more mature.

ClownIt was a fun afternoon and I think Jake had a ball. He was a little concerned when the afternoon shower came through and complained his birthday was in the wet season. I carefully explained he only has one birthday in Africa (in the wet season) and every other in Australia in almost summer. Thankfully the rain did quickly clear away and there was football and cartwheels and cubby and swing action after cake.

It was lovely to have nearly all the locals who frequent our house regularly here all at once, it did also make me a little sad to think very soon we will be farewelling them.

Today, such is life, after all the hype, was a bit of a down day  especially for Jake who now has a whole year to wait for his next birthday!!!!

Jake's Birthday

Gilbert and Jake


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