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Yesterday afternoon Jonathan arrived with some strange looking creature he was eating. At first the boys thought it was daggar (small stinky fresh) then Johnathon explained it was a grasshopper. Rob had tried grasshoppers in Mulaba earlier in the year, but it was not something we had seen here. Last night I was returning home late afte a movie with some short termers and I saw John (one of the guards) collecting ‘bugs’ under the neighbours outside light. When I reached my own door I saw it was covered with green grasshoppers. This morning the boys awoke all screams and squeals as the hallway was filled with these same grasshoppers. Jake the brave got a stick and started knocking them out. Soon after Imani and Godriva arrived also with handfuls of the grasshoppers so it was time for a cook up. I insisted I was NOT going to try it but after all the fuss I succumbed.

Grass Hoppers

I downed three of the bite size morsels. They taste sort of like a deep fried prawn but without the fishy taste. The boys also tried and Rob was on hand with the camera. Rob declined this time. So we now have caught a few more and Mitchell has cooked them up ready as snacks for the Friday night movie night tonight. We are taking bets on which wazungu will try and which will decline!!!

Yesterday we tried again to take Kirsti and now her new mate Amy (both short termers from Vic) to get goat kebabs but again there was no goat. Instead we ended up at the hospital canteen and feasted on bananas, beans, some sort of meat and rice. Jake has requested banana, beans and goat for lunch next week for his birthday.

The weather here has been really cold and wet the last few days (even I have put a jacket on!!!). Rob claimed yesterday he was wearing all the clothes he brought to Africa and was still cold. The crops around are all growing nicely including our vegetable patch.

The last couple of Saturdays Godriva has bought mahindi at the market (like corn on the cob but not sweet) she boils it up like we do sweet corn and it has been a nice treat for something different.

Our coffee and vegemite supplies are running low, but we figure with less than 6 weeks till we leave Murgwanza we can make it.

Collectively we are craving sushi, strawberries, pasteurised milk, A Grand Angus (Rob), anything grandma cooks and as always ice cream - just to name a few.

Still not sure what the Christmas table will hold - I am a little daunted about having to cook. I don’t think the option of toast will go down too well!!

Last but not least, we are still enjoying super cheap bananas (but sweet bananas are very small here).


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