2 BIG days

Yesterday I went out with Vithalis and another Tumaini worker for a field visit to a family in need. Tumaini Fund support orphans and widows in the Kagera Diocese. This particular family had been brought to the attention of Tumaini through one of the local evengelists who also works as a Parish Worker for Tumaini. The family consists of three children living with their grandmother. The three kids are aged 15, 13 and 11. The eldest child Agnes has an intellectual disability so Benjamini the second born is effectively the head of the family. Their grandmother (Bibi) is 86 which is very very old in Tanzania. The children’s father died and their mother ran off soon after - it is unknown where she is now but probably has died as well.

Tumaini Visit

Tumaini hope to build them a new house as their current house is in need of repair and they are not sure it will last the next big rains. Yesterday Tumaini gave the Bibi and Agnes some new clothes and school uniforms for Benjamini and Melida. They also gave them some mosquito nets, blankets and pens and pencils. After school Benjamini does odd jobs for neighbours to try and buy some food for the family. He has managed to get a couple of chickens and a rooster and has some baby chicks as well. Over time this can generate them an income - often however, they go to bed hungry as they have no food. Benjamini and Melida are at the local primary school but it is a struggle to study and provide for the family. Hopefully with the support of Tumaini they can concentrate more on their studies and less on survival.

I took with me some stickers and my little figures I have been making. These I distributed to the kids of the family plus the many others that had gathered. They of course all followed us back to the car and I gave each of these kids a new t-shirt or in one case a pair of red soccer shorts for one little fellow that had no pants on. They were all so proud of their new clothes.

Gifts for Village People

It was an exhausting but rewarding day out and by the time I got home at 4:30pm, I was pooped; I did sleep a little better last night though, maybe I need to reach sheer exhaustion every day in order to sleep at night!!

MAG Container Opening

Then today we were awaiting the MAG container to arrive. I woke to hear heavy rain on the roof and thought what a disaster this would be with the unloading and distributing of stuff around Murgwanza. Thankfully the rain had all gone away by the time Lucy came running to tell us the truck had arrived. So then it was a frenzy of activity unloading, sorting and distributing about 1000 boxes to their various places - first in the cathedral then once ticked off the list and counted they were carried to wherever they needed to go around Murgwanza. Unloading the MAG ContainerThere were many students and other willing hands to help. Unfortunately Rob had taken the camera home by now so you have to imagine lines of people walking with cardboard boxes on their heads. I did attempt the head carrying technique but still need a fair bit of practice with the balancing and required both hands to steady my load. There were boxes for Mother’s Union, Hospital, Nursing School, Evangelism dept. and the two Diocese Schools to name a few. So over the next few weeks now we are tasked with unpacking and sorting through all these goodies.

Now the afternoon storm has hit and tonight we are going to Klein’s for movie night. Jake is cooking for Kirsti (short termer) with play dough. Mitchell is off playing with Jenny’s new kitten and Oli and Jonathon are playing with Lego. They were outside but came running out of the trees when the storm hit.

Weekend tomorrow; market, football game and Sunday, the visit from George’s mum.


Time Difference

After all is said and done, more is said then done.~

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