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A busy couple of days coming up

Thought I’d write a quick blog tonight as the next couple of days are going to be busy and I am not sleeping well at night so I am trying a new trick..........stay up late!!!

We had a massive number of visitors here today varying from the quick computer questions to English tutoring to wanting food and money to name a few. We are a little embarrassed at times when people come in and see the number of laptops around. Rob is working on three that Andy has bought for a diocese lending program. Plus he has been testing one of Liz’s then he has one of the nursing school ones he uses for teaching then our own. People think they have walked into an internet café. Amongst all that Rob is busily trying to complete another database for Tumaini and so always on his computer.

Tomorrow I am going out on a field trip with Vithalis and another Tumaini Fund staff member to visit a new family they are going to sponsor. The Tumaini vehicle is in Karagwe doing some work there so they are without a car. Vithalis asked Rob if he could take them but Rob has to teach at the bible school so I jumped at the chance of an outing. Since I will be absent from school I told the boys either they could do it with dad or do double today (remembering double of very little is still very little), they choose doing extra today. So tomorrow at 10am I am off to a village near Rulenge then to Kabanga. Vithalis promised to try and have me home by 3pm but this is Africa and anything can happen!!!

Then on Friday we are expecting the MAG container. MAG are a Sydney based organisation who send containers to Tanzania to support long term missionaries on the field. They send blankets, clothes, office equipment, school and medical supplies and more. It is generally distributed locally by the CMS long termers (www.cms.org.au/about/auxilary-groups). We expect this shipping container on Thursday night so on Friday it is all hands on deck to unload ASAP then pull the container off the truck so the truck can go. Andy will use the container as a store for his solar lighting project once it is empty. So everyone is clearing their calendars and even the boys have been asked to help out as it is a massive (but exciting) task ahead. Please pray for no rain because at this time of year when it rains, it  really pours.

Yesterday marked 7 weeks left in Murgwanza. We have heard today that there will be some other Aussie short termers moving into our house at the end of January so this makes packing up a bit easier. We will leave most of our kitchen stuff and linen here. Most of the big ticket electrical items we are selling have already been promised. People are still trying for our computers, camera and iPod but these are coming home. We are hoping to come home with one less suitcase and we will be less the guitar so here’s hoping it will be a lighter trip home. I was talking today with Rose about our unpacking of all our stuff at home (in Sydney) and saying we will probably wonder why we have so much. We have lived so simply here this past year and yet we still have masses compared to most.

The boys have a 4 day break now with the bonus Thursday and the weekend then only 4 more days next week and we are done with school. I suggested today we needed to have an end of year party and they were very enthusiastic. When I suggested an end of year concert, the enthusiasm died!!! I don't suppose I need to write myself a school report for them each.

I was reminded yesterday why we came here. As it says in Romans 10:14-15 'How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”'
While our main roles here is not directly preaching the bible, we hope we are spreading the love of Christ by loving those around us. Along the way we certainly do speak and teach the bible and have had some wonderful conversations with people thoughout the year about our faith.

Anyway this was going to be a quick one, so I will finish now. Hopefully I can report back on Saturday about the next two days. I think also George (our old gardener who is now at nursing school) is bringing his mother to visit us on Sunday. She doesn’t speak a word of English - I guess she wants to come and greet us and thank us for helping George. I hope she doesn’t bring us a chicken as I have got rid of all but one which Ephraim will take home to his family after his exams. I have heard also there is another interschools football match on on Saturday. Hopefully Murgwanza will score and I can have one last storming of the pitch and doing cartwheels!!

Last thing - we greatly appreciate the mail and parcels we have recieved throughtout the year and sorry for the ones that got lost on the way. If you were planning on sending one and it is sitting in your living room while you have been meaning to get to the post office.....do it now or we will be gone when it arrives. Although I know two little girls that would gladly take any goodies that do arrive after we have left!!!


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