Two months to go

Two months today and we will be back in Oz. Seems weird to think about. Last night I was reading through the past BLOG posts from 2010 and earlier this year. It was amazing to read of our planning and arrival and early days in Murgwanza. Now with less than 2 months left in Murgwanza, we are in a state of limbo. I have started cleaning up and returning stuff we have borrowed and need to make some decisions about some of our bolongings and what to do with it. There are plenty of people happy to take anything off our hands.

Saturday today and we are having a lazy morning. Oliver has coaxed Imani up the tree house. We (well Imani) has cut down an diseased citrus tree that was not producing fruit and was obscuring our view. Rob is playing his guitar and Mitch and Jake are waiting for Godriva to return from market as they are desperate for change so they can go and spend it at Willbrods duka(shop).

Yesterday I had Form 1 students here for English as usual. They wanted to watch a movie and write down vocabulary they didn’t understand!!!! Good plan boys. Anyway they watched Narnia then we chatted about Australia. It always amazes me how sheltered their lives here are from knowledge of the rest of the world. Sometimes I imagine how they would react if we took them home to Australia with us. It would blow their minds!!!

We started talking about school at Murgwanza Secondary and their frustrations with lack of teachers and resources. They all want to change to Ngara Sec but the Headmasters of both schools need to agree.

This morning I have chatted with ‘Breana the Brave’. She is an American girl here for 12 month teaching at Murgwanza Secondary. She has a heart of gold. I knew things were bad at the school but she has just confirmed my worst fears plus added a few. It is sooooo hard to come from a Western, educated world to here. There are so many bright kids that have soooo much potential but due to a lack of teachers and teaching skills and money to further their education they may never get on. Not to mention all the other issues that can’t be mentioned on this website. We tried to encourage her to simply do what she can and that each student she has helped - it makes a difference to their lives forever. She cannot change the system but she can help the lives of a few - even if in a small way. Breana you are my hero and worthy of the title Breana the Brave.

This afternoon we went for a walk out the airstrip and ran into some of the nursing students. They were chasing one of their fellow students who was having a hypoglacimic attack and had gone a bit crazy. I guess this will happen if you don’t eat all day and are a diabetic. Finally he was caught and put to bed and fed some sugar water. I intervened and said he needed to have some food preferably carbohydrates and a BSL would be good too. There was much nattering back and forth in Swahili and finally they managed to get him up and take him to hospital. He complained he needed bananas and I said no problem you are welcome at my house for bananas. But one meal a day may not cut it!!!

We returned home to find Vithalis and his boys at our house. Soon they were joined by James and then another two students. We talked a lot about Tanzania and education and the challenges people face here. I sent Jake off to get Breana to meet Vithalis as I feel their hearts are in the same place. I got myself another English student today who will join the three Form Ones I already teach on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Emmanuel is the brother of Auduyie - he is 22ish and failed Form 4 last year so has returned to Primary School to try and get another chance to repeat Secondary School. Gutsy move I say but he is determined to do better in life.

EVERYDAY I am struck again and again how hard life is here for kids, for students, for women, for  EVERYONE!!!

Now it’s Saturday night - Rob on guitar, Mitch reading, Jake French knitting and Oli playing with Lego. It’s all happening here in Murgwanza!!!


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