Back in Murgwanza

Back in Murgwanza after a lovely 6 days break in Mwanza. The weather was warm and we all enjoyed a swim or 20 in the hotel pool and plenty of ice cream (both impossible in Murgwanza). We ended up staying an extra day and met up with the Archers from Bunda who were in Mwanza for the day doing some jobs. It was nice to see them again and hopefully they will come to Murgwanza in December for a visit. The kids (all 7 of them) had a great time in the pool together as well.

The drive back is long and the weather was not kind. We had torrential rain on a lot of the journey, which while challenging for Rob the boys enjoyed watching the rivers that had formed in the gutters and were wishing they had lilo’s with them. The landscape and scenery is certainly different travelling now compared to when we did the trip in August. Along the way we saw many people digging and farming, planting and preparing for their next crop. The landscape also was significantly greener due to the rains.

We arrived back in Murgwanza to find the power off (there goes the hot shower) - apparently Tenesco had run out of money for diesel for the generator that powers the Ngara district. However we did also come home to a lovely clean house and our dinner cooked and waiting along with fresh bread and biscuits. Along with the food was a bunch of flowers from our garden and a note from Imani and Godriva (our help). It was a lovely note in curious English stating how much they had missed us and how they will be so happy now we are back. It more than made up for the lack of power. We have never really suffered from long term power shortages as the advantage of living in the Womancraft compound is they have a generator. I think however they too had run out of diesel. It was a great excuse to have early dinner and off to bed once it was dark (about 7:30pm-8pm). We were all exhausted from our journey anyway, especially Rob who did all the driving. Why is it soooo tiring to sit in a car for 7 hours???

This morning the power was back and Godriva and Imani arrived all smiles and big hugs with news of their week to share. Godriva’s two goats have both had babies while we were away. Imani’s football shoes have broken and he is no longer playing at the field. They told us of visitor’s we missed while away. Mahoza has malaria so I have given Godriva the medicine I got for Jake all those months ago and never used.

Jake and Oli have slotted straight back into Murgwanza. As we were getting close to Ngara yesterday they both exclaimed ‘it’s good to be home!!’ They spent the morning out with Imani collecting grass and taking it up to Bishop’s cows. All three boys are now off at Gilberts place. So I have spent the morning getting crafty making little figure for kids at the hospital with Jesus loves you written on the back in Swahili. I have also sewn up my bag after the bag slashing incident in Mwanza!

Rob’s services have been in high demand after a week away, everyone has a problem.

Tomorrow I have heard there is a sherehe at the nursing school to welcome the 1st year students. I will wander up later today and tell them I am back and see what the plan is.

Until next time....


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