Burundi not to be

Burundi not to be!!! Unfortunately the current situation in Burundi is less then favourable so we opted to stay in Tanzania and go to Mwanza for a short break instead. It’s a bit of a further drive but no borders to cross and we can keep driving on the left. Don’t need to change our money or deal with speaking French. Ok I’ll admit I am trying to look on the bright side and really am disappointed but this way maybe we can stay a couple more nights as we save money on visa's and the accommodation is cheaper.

So here we are back in Mwanza, the boys in the pool, buffet breakfast complete and 24/7 Cartoon Network on the TV - What more could a boy want!! The place we usually stay can only accommodate us for 2 nights so today we will go out and find somewhere else. All we need is a pool and a TV and the kids are happy.

Rob has bought his guitar so he will pkuck for hours and I have a new book set in Tanzania so happy days. Rob is also reading a book(The pursuit of Holiness) – wonders will never cease!!! Of course we are also enjoying the fast internet!!

The last week in Murgwanza has been pretty busy so we are all pretty tired. It was lovely having visitors and we were sad to farewell them. The Bishop and his wife have finally returned to Murgwanza ater a long absence in Dar as Mama Bishop was unwell. We went to a welcome back dinner on Thursday night. All the main players in Murgwanza were there and all the wazungu - it was a good night. I have finished my nervous system block of teaching at the nursing school and next week the 1st year students will be on the wards for the first time. I will continue with computer help but during the day only. The boys were hating the night time sessions as our family time together was being interrupted by classes and meetings and our dinner with the Bishop.

The boys are well, REALLY missing home and so much of the talk is ‘when we get back to Australia….’. We have one more month of home schooling and then they are free. Jake is keen to join me at the hospital in the children’s ward and do some craft and colouring with the kids; as long as he doesn’t see any ‘gross stuff!’ Oli I imagine will continue to spend his days outside building, climbing and digging. I think NAPS finishes early December as well, so Jonathon will be on hand to play with. Mitchell will stay attached to his screens - DS, computer and Kindle.

I guess there also is the small matter of packing up our house. Not nearly the same huge task as packing up in Australia!! We are all looking forward to giving stuff away and coming home with much lighter bags.

While all the boys are counting the sleeps till we leave, I have mixed feelings. Sure I miss home and my friends and family but it will be really hard to say goodbye to all those I have come to know this year. Everyday people ask us why we can't stay longer and/or when will be be back. I can't answer exactly when I'll be back and for how long, but I certainly plan to return - God willing.

For now a couple more days of R & R and then back to Murgwanza on Wednesday.


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