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Be careful what you pray for!

This arvo Mitchell and I were chilling out on the grass on a rug at about 4:30pm and I said let’s pray for no visitors this afternoon!!! So we did.

Well I think God was trying to show us who is boss.

About 10 minutes later Auduyie and 2 mates turned up. They are Form 4 students who have just finished their exams on Friday. They were closely followed by Themistocras, Reginald and Samuel -  nursing school students. They just wanted a pump for their ball (they lost the one I gave them) and to collect Jake and myself to come and play football. Ball pumped up and Jake in tow they set off. I declined to play today as I had visitors. Auduyie and co. wanted to go on the computer - apparently I promised to teach them computers. They came by on Saturday and I taught them some basics. Today I set them up to practice typing, mouse control and playing on MS Word.

Soon after, Vithalis and his two sons arrived and they were closely followed by Samuel and Baraka - two of the Form 1 boys that I have scheduled English lessons for on Tuesdays and Thursdays(not today).

So we had three on the computers (laptops from the nursing school). Two Form 1 boys on the couch with Mitch watching him play the DS. Asante and Samuel were playing with me and Oli outside. Vithalis was trying to get on to Yahoo to do emails. Then Willbrod arrived. He wants to build a duka(shop) outside where he is living to make some money to send home to his mum in Karagwe and needs a loan. He came on Sat arvo when it was equally crazy and we said we will come and see you during the week. Then James arrived - he had diahorrea and wanted some medicine.

Eventually one by one and two by two they all left except Willbrod. By now it was 7pm so Willbrod joined us for dinner while we discussed his plans - in broken Swanglish.

I fear tomorrow will be busier. I am teaching at the nursing school from 1-3pm then the English boys are coming at 5pm. Rob is going to go and help Willbrod to start building at 5pm. Then I need to go to the nursing school for computer practicals from 7:30-9pm. So we have made a plan - we will eat dinner at 4pm between nursing school and 5pm and I will kick the Form 1’s out at 6:30pm. If the computer boys return….which they said they would, they too will have to go at 6:30pm. I might suggest to them to come earlier in the day. They have finished school so have more time.

I guess one must be careful what we pray for. God knows what we and people here need. Mitchell and I just kept looking at each other and laughing every time another person arrived.


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