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This week in Murgwanzana

ImaniSorry for no news this week. Not sure what to say. The rains are here so the planting has begun. Jake has been helping Imani(pictured to the right) build a fence around our vege patch to keep out the kuku’s and today they are planting the beans that will grow into more beans.

Oliver is still refusing to learn anything at school but the very brief moments of concentration he does have he actually does know some stuff. If he only applied as much energy to his schooling as he does to his building and digging and climbing!!!

Jake is good, loving helping the outside workers. Today James and Ephraim are here helping (they are hungry and working here for the day - they will get chai and some money to buy food). Jakes most common phrase remains “Ephraim said…..”.

Mitchell is doing ok. He is getting very bored and has the occasional meltdown when he just wants to go home right now!!! We are keeping the reading material up via Kindle and thank goodness the moods don’t last too long.

Yesterday we took some time out to just be a family. Murgwanza is very rural and there is really nowhere to go to have some time out alone. Obviously where ever we go we stand out and cause a stir. The boys particularly find this very tiring. Even after being here for 9 months, kids still call out "wazungu" when we walk or drive by. Rob had to do some teaching at the bible school then when he came home we closed all the curtains and had bought some soda and Pringles (not the real thing) and watched ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’. For those who don’t know, this was a classic 1980’s movie about two high school mates in America at risk of failing history. They travel back in time and collect historical figures to bring back for their oral history presentation. They bring back Joan of Arc, Nepolean and Socrates to name a few. The boys found it quite amusing and it lead to a brief history lesson over dinner complete with Professor Google to assist.

Unfortunately even when you close all the curtains and lock the doors it is not enough to keep all the visitors at bay. With about 5 minutes to go to the end of the movie there was a hodi at the door. Hodi is what people say instead of knocking on the door. We ignored it hoping they would go away….they didn’t…. the hodi’s became more insistent and were joined by knocking and calling out. Finally we had to succumb and open the door. Such is life here, there is no escape unless you leave the country which is both costly and requires more than an afternoon off!!!

Now I am doing a spot of hand sewing to repair my broken bag….oh how I wish my sister and her sewing machine were here. Tonight is movie night and the usual squabble over what we will watch has already begun. I’ll do a little more English with Lameck after school today. I have learnt so much more grammar this year than in my whole 13 years of schooling. I am stumped though by how to explain when you use ‘they’ and when you use ‘them’. The explanation of ‘I just know what sounds right’ does not sit well with me. Please can all you budding English scholars assist with a rule or reason or something. His and him is another but I think that is a possessive thing!! I only did Contemporary English in high school and I didn’t even do that well, so how on earth have I ended up being the resident English tutor??? God sure has a sense of humour. If only my boys were as willing pupils as Lameck and others I have helped.

Weekend tomorrow. Saturday markets in the morning and not sure about where we will go to church on Sunday. I am sure we will have visitors to entertain and kids to kick a ball with. Next week Rob may go to a Hospital at Karagwe(couple of hundred kms away) to look at their processes, logistics and some computer reporting system they want to implement at Murgwanza Hospital. Computer teaching will continue at the nursing school and whatever else that comes up and needs our attention.


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