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For the last couple of weeks Rob has been teaching some basic (very very basic) computer skills to the students at the bible college. These are the new Diploma students who are training to be Pastors. There are 10 students of which half had never touched a computer before last week.

Mitchell teaching computers

Last week the lesson was on: this is a computer, this is a keyboard and this is a mouse. You get the idea. Rob came home with stories of strange angles and positions in which the mouse moved across the table in an effort to get the cursor across the screen. Learning the whole right click, left click, double click and single click - a whole new concept.

This week he was teaching them to make a folder then a file and then some very basic word processing. Things like type your name, now make the font bigger, change the colour and make it italics. The bible college has one computer. Rob took ours and borrowed a couple of Liz’s and one of Absalom’s so they had one between two. Mitchell went with Rob ready to help with the practical today. I suggested he was probably more useful than me as I wasn't sure I knew the whole new folder & new file business!!

Bible College - Teaching ComputersI arrived a little way into the lesson to assist and take pictures. Mitchell was doing great helping out but even he got VERY frustrated at the slow pace. You know the youth of today; they are always in a hurry. I helped for a bit then Gilbert (Absalom’s son aged 13) came by. He could help with the computers and explain it in Swahili (win win). Soon they were all calling ‘Gilly, Gilly hapa hapa’.

Rob showed the students yesterday how to type a list then highlight it and make it into bullet points or a numbered list. They all laughed and clapped and cheered when he showed them on his computer. I think they thought he was a wizard!!

At the end of the lesson some of them (including Gilbert) lined up with their ‘infected’ flash drives for Rob to virus scan on his Mac. They thought that once this was done they were safe from viruses and Rob again had to explain ‘you are never safe’.

Next week he will start similar lessons with the nursing students. The problem is that there are about 90 nursing students and 4 computers, so practical time will be tough!!!

This afternoon we went for a walk to visit George, Thermastocras and Reginald who have just starting Nursing School this week. We had Lucy and Sarah with us and I think the non Murgwanza boys were quite surprised when 7 wazungu turned up at the dormitory looking for three of their own!!! We were warmly welcomed and the boys proudly showed off their new digs.


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