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Life in Africa by Jake

Finally Jake has agreed to let me write up one of his letters to his mates at home about life in Africa. He writes most days in his journal and occasional letters home but he never wants to write a blog. This letter is so good he has agreed to let me share it with you. Jake is so aware of the poverty and the how tough it is living here for the locals. Every day is survival!!!! Jake has asked me NOT to correct his spelling and grammar as I type; I hope you can understand it!


Africa is pretty boring I wish I could come home cant wait for you to pick me up I wish I could play futsal I realy cant wait I have not been playing soccer lately I have been very bored but when I come back I will miss some people here. to me it feels like home everything semes normal to me it is very poor and they are very strong. There bikes way fifty kilograms and then they put two bunches of 50 kilogram bananas two 40 kilogram sacks of flour a full grown fat girl and a very big box of soap then they push it up a very steep hill. Here to live is very hard everyday is working. Colecting fire wood walking 2 kilometres to carry a full bucket of water on your head. Working in the fields for two hole days so they get good crops, then you have to walk 5 kilometres through very hilly land to get to the market to sit all day in the sun and get two dollars. that’s what the mother does while the father builds the house wich is very hard work here. All that goes on while the son herds the goat 3 kilometres to the good grass while the dauter collects firewood in the sun then goes home cooks in a very small mud kitchen with no windows and gets smoke in here eyes and mouth and this goes on to about midnight. And people do anything to go to school. If you go down to the villages people desperately want education and even If they do afford school the school is so bad they don’t learn anything and they get beaten with a stick very hard for very not nessasary reasons. So be glad you have schooll and never complain that you have to go. here because they cant afford clothes they are very happey to get some clothes and wear anything. so some boys wear girls clothes. So when we go to the market we try and spot some really funny things one day mum saw a full grown man wearing a little girls pink jumper with princes on the front and one day we saw someone wearing a full ski suit. And one day another white person told us that he saw someone in a wetsuit. You see some very strange things here. yesterday I went to a high school graduation it was fun. I am learning the bass guitar we don’t have one thoug so I am learning on a acustic guitar but when I get back to australia I will buy one. We have built a tree hous and four swings to ocupie ourselves. and I made a sling shot that helps too. Also students here study all night and don’t sleep so they can pass there exams.

So that is finally news from Jake, please don’t curse my spelling and grammar it is all Jake. As you can see home schooling has not been that successful. Sorry to any of Jakes future teachers who may be reading this, I am trying!!!


Time Difference

One man considers himself rich, yet has nothing to keep permanently: another man considers himself poor, yet has great and indestrucible riches~

Proverbs 13:7
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