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GershomReligion is an institution to express belief in a divine power. We have different types of religion in the world. Some believe in Christ, Islamic, Buddha, Pagans and other traditional believes. People believe in different beliefs in a divine power. Life is experience of being alive or human events and activities.

Jesus came to serve human beings for thirty-two years then he ascended to heaven after he accomplished his mission of bringing salvation to the earth. Before he ascended to heaven he gave us a task to spread the good news to all the people who have not yet received Christ and have not heard anything about Christ. This task was given to you and me to serve the Lord. I have been raised in a Christian Family; my father had been a pastor in the Anglican Church for about twenty to thirty years. Before he passed away he started his Mission (Revival Pentecostal Church of Christ Mission). He had two years with this mission before he got sick for about nine months from March of 2005 to 23 of November 2005. He started the mission to preach the word of God and help widows, orphans and people in need. He was doing this to serve the Lord with His help. Although he had not enough money to run the mission he new that God has instructed him to do so.

There are people with much. They have to remember others who are in need. Many who are blessed with money forget that there are people who need help to support their needs like food, clothing and shelter.

Since then I have met with people who have deeply touched my life. They have given me joy and courage to reach my goals and shown that I am going to become somebody and that one day I could finish what my father had started to help people ‘cause I can feel it in my heart. I have been studying from form one to form six now through servants of God who have been supporting me for my school fees and school accessories like books and textbooks.

Aunt Mary Jesuthasan supported me for four years for my O- level studies financially, spiritually and always encouraging me to study hard. She had been a blessing to me since she showed me the true love of Jesus she had in her but also directing me to do the right thing at the right time. Also Jenny and Tony George who are supporting me school fees with A-level studies for two years showed me a way to university. They have been praying for my family and me as well. Lastly but not least I met my brother Robert, the IT manager and his family. He and his wife have been able to help students at Murgwanza in Kagera region north from Dodoma where I live. Robert and his wife Saskia use their wealth, talents and time to support and advice people at Murgwanza. I have seen God touching people’s lives through them and the mission they have at Murgwanza. They brought blessing to children, youth and adults of this area. Also Robert has developed my desire to study IT for my University studies for I believe I will pass my national exams next year at the end of January to February ‘For nothing is Impossible with God’ Luke’ 1:37-40. Through knowing Robert Lawler for about three years now, my faith is strengthened in trusting God that one day when I finish my studies and have a good work to use it for the Glory of the LORD to serve him with whatever he will bless me to help others.

Many people today work hard to have good cars, big houses, and companies and earn more money just to satisfy their physical needs and forget about serving God.

My friends wherever you are and whatever you have, use it for the Glory of the Lord. If you are Blessed with money find the poor and help them, seek out helpless and confused people in bad condition especially in Africa and else where and help them for God is going to Bless you a hundred times as he said in the Bible.

My dream is to serve God through teaching and giving and will be happy if I will establish the project where by people in need like orphans, widows, and anyone in need can get help from the center by supporting them financially and teaching them about entrepreneurship, carpentry, tailoring, crafting as source of income to support our families.

May the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven help us to understand his Love for us and for the people surrounding us all over the world.


Gershom S. Utonga


Time Difference

The earth has enough for every man's need but not enough for every man's greed.~

Mahatma Gandhi
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