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The great t-shirt give away

happy boysThis week I started to distribute t-shirts. I had a stash in the cupboard and although I knew it would cause chaos I just couldn't wait any longer.

This week we had a bunch of kids come and play one morning on our swing. I took out 8 t-shirts and explained that they were to have one only and that they were from children in Australia. They all nodded in agreement and waited patiently to be fitted. As you can see from the pictures they were ALL smiles.

Later that afternoon more kids arrived and then more and more. As expected kids took their shirt then ran and hid it and came back for another. I tried to remember faces and be fair but it was a challenge. We probably gave out about 40 shirts that day.

I also gave a bag of shirts to Paster Samuel (Ephraims father) to take home to his family this weekend. He has 11 children and 7 grandchildren. His youngest child is just 3 month old! 

I also gave George a bag of shirts last weekend to take home for his brothers and sisters.

Today I will buy some more shirts to put in bundles for the team of evangelists that work with Liz Burns here. Between them they have a bout 20 kids.

For now I am telling the local callers I have no more and will have another day of give aways in another month or so.

Thank you Kings Kids at St Philips...you have put a lot of smiles on faces.



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