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Todays reading and review

Just something I was reading that made me think.

A farmer ploughs his field, sows the seed, and fertilizes and cultivates – all the while knowing that in the final analysis he is utterly dependent on forces outside of himself. He knows he cannot cause the seed to germinate, nor can he produce the rain and sunshine for growing and harvesting the crop. For a successful harvest he is dependent on these things from God.

Farming analogies fit well here, where life is so dependent on God and outside forces. I was thinking this is like going on mission and even more than that - it is like real life. There is only so much we can do and the rest we must just place in the hands of God and trust Him.

We can come to the mission field with a place to live and a role to play and a plan for educating our children. But in the end God has control over all these things. They may not turn out as we had planned, but they do turn out how God has planned. We must trust in Him. We have a responsibility and a part to play BUT at the end of the day we are dependent on God. The story goes on….

Yet the farmer knows that unless he diligently pursues his responsibilities to plough, plant, fertilize and cultivate, he cannot expect a harvest at the end of the season. In a sense he is in partnership with God and he will reap its benefits only when he has fulfilled his own responsibilities.

Farming is a joint venture between God and the farmer. The farmer cannot do what God must do and God cannot do what the farmer should do.

Similar to life on the mission field and indeed life; it is a joint venture between God and us. We have a responsibility to serve God, to read his word and to listen to God for wisdom and advice. We are not here alone and God cannot work alone. We must do it together.


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If you have a song of faith in your heart, it will be heard by the look on your face.~

Allan Dykastra
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