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Lawler School of Music and other stuff

This week we have expanded our curriculum to include music!!! Ok Rob has. As most of you know despite my love of music and singing I have NO musical talent whats so ever.

Last Saturday Mitchell was ‘bored’ so Rob suggested he teach him to play guitar. While Jake had dabbled in some guitar playing in the past Mitchell has never shown much interest. Well the times they are a changing.

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The Ipswich Youth Team that was here last month left a guitar behind and Nigel passed it on to us to use for teaching. Rob has had a few people interested in playing guitar but it is hard to teach with only one guitar. So now we have two. Mitchell has taken it up with zeal and this of course has miffed Jake and so now he too is super keen to start playing again. Oliver is a faithful accompaniment on our drum and Rob is LOVING that his boys are interested in playing music again.

africa 196As well as enjoying the guitar, Jake has taken up playing soccer with a regular group of youth each afternoon at the field. Our good friend Themistocras, who is a keen soccer player, has taken Jake under his wing and includes him in the pre-game drills and warm up. What Jake lacks in size on the field, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. I join them sometimes for a run around but my neck has been bad the last week or so, so I have been taking it easy. I may join them for a gentle run this afternoon. There is certainly no holding back on the tackles just because I am the only girl and the oldest by many years on the field. I find it best if Jake and I are on opposing teams and we can defend each other. As the nursing students are on holidays the game is a little tamer than usual with many of the ‘hard core’ players away. When they all return I think I will go back to playing with the kids; they are still very fast but I can pick them up and move them if I need to get the ball!!

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk to James and Tuombes house to give their younger siblings a new t-shirt each and some extra milk and avacado’s that we had. These kids often go to bed hungry and it was nice to be able to give them a little extra. Jake has such a heart for giving and was so excited to be able to go and give these gifts to a VERY needy family. While I bought the t-shirts for 1000Tsh (about 70cents) this is a fortune for them and not something their budget can stretch to. They live day by day on just surviving. In fact Elizabeth (12) and Abel (9) were not home when we arrived as they were out collecting water and herding goats. Last time I visited with Jake to play with the kitten, Elizabeth had just returned with a massive pile of firewood on her head for cooking. Every day is survival!!


That’s all for now, I must go and prepare some English now for Auduyie. He is the Form 4 student that mum was helping with maths. He is a bright boy and hopes to do well enough in his National Exams to go onto Form 5 next year. Now mum has gone, he has asked me to teach him ‘grammar’. There was certainly NO WAY I was going to be able to continue with the maths help BUT grammar, seriously!!!! I better go and prepare.


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