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You just never know what's coming up!!

You just never know what’s coming up!!

Yesterday at about 2:30pm, I hit the wall. I was so tired I could hardly move. So I had a nap. A couple of hours later I was woken by my mobile ringing. Rob was at the oval and said Ephraim wanted me. I couldn’t hear much else as there was a lot of yelling in the background. So I headed off feeling much refreshed after my nap. Before reaching the field I could hear cheering and shouting and realised there was another inter-school games afternoon on. About 4 times a year there is a debate and then a netball, volleyball and football match between Murgwanza and a visiting secondary school. The netball match was in progress (and I use the term netball very loosely). You may have seen from an earlier blog some footage of another game. There appears to be no obstruction rules and the shooters do a huge leap in to shoot for goal but still with both feet grounded. If you are a netballer you would understand what I am talking about. So Ephraim was concerned that the Kanazi referee was biased and he wanted me to ref. I told him there was no way I could ref as I barely recognised the rules to the sensational game of netball to which I am familiar, and more to the point I was terrified of the very vocal and physical crowd!!! Luckily, inspite of my refusal to assist but instead just watch, Mugwanza won the game. I was shocked and disappointed to speak with the other wazungu’s there who were from the US and Europe as they all had no idea what this game of netball was anyway. I had to explain it seems to be a game only played in Commonwealth countries and that Australia are currently the World Champions!!!! (that may not be entirely true but we are certainly up there with the top and we have been the world champions at some stage)

So netball complete and having no interest in volleyball we move on to the main game ‘The Football’. The Murgwanza team looked ill prepared and were a shoddy bunch in a mismatch of shirts and shorts. The goal keeper was in fact still in school uniform. Kanazi however looked sharp and I was concerned we were about to receive another thrashing like the last game, in which Murgwanza lost 6-0. However I was wrong, after a solid start Murgwanza scored a beauty of a goal, I was so caught up in the occasion, Jake and I stormed the pitch (as is tradition here). I even did a cartwheel to celebrate!!! Rob was disappointed that he hadn’t got a video of the event. He spent the rest of the game waiting for another goal so he could film me this time. Unfortunately no goal came for Murgwanza or Kanazi so we won the match. I did storm on at the completion of the game but I had a new friend firmly grasping my hand and so could not cartwheel. Rob did get this on his iPhone but quickly lost me in the crowd as Jake, Mitchell and I were surrounded as quite the focal point.

Anyway we returned home victorious and fresh, despite some hoarse voices.

This morning we finally made a much promised trip to Rulenge. Joseph who is a very bright student at the nursing school that we have assisted with some fees had invited us to his ‘home residence’ to meet his family and show us the ‘natural Tanzanian environment’. Joseph is a keen scholar of English and has an extraordinary vocabulary of big words. He loves to use a technical term when an everyday word would suffice. It gives us much amusement to talk with him. We drove about 30 minutes to near Joseph's home and followed a dirt track that eventually we had to concede was NOT a road and parked the car to continue the rest of the journey on foot. We set off early as Joseph had to be back at the nursing school by midday to receive his results from their recent exams.


We were introduced to Joseph lovely family, his mother and brothers and sisters. Joseph is the second born of the family. The eldest is married already and living elsewhere, his father died in 2007. Joseph has a sister who has just completed Form 4 last year and so far has failed to gain a place at teachers college. Joseph did ask us to assist her but it required paying a 200,000Tsh bribe for the place. We were not comfortable to do that. The next born are twins in Form 2 at Secondary School, they are bright boys with a good command of English. Then another set of twins, girls this time in Standard 4 at Primary School and the last born another boy in Standard 3. Despite being a single parent family it is commendable that all the children are at school. They have a large shamba that they share with the neighbours and seem to manage to have enough to eat. In fact we were fed a meal of potato and ‘mgimbi’ , beans and avocado and were given a full basket of food to take home with us that had come from their shambas. As well Joseph was sent with three sacks of food to take to a friend in Mwanza that assisted him through his schooling after his father died. It was a lovely morning and all the neighbours and village leaders came running to meet us. Joseph claims we have rewritten history and that we are the first wazungu ever to reach Mkajagari, his village and the first car ever to come there.

We dropped Joseph back at the hospital where he has run now to get his results and he will come later to report to us and collect his sacks of food.

Our boys on return to Murgwanza have rushed off to the Kliens as they had a ‘Spy Club Meeting’. Tomorrow we are going to the cathedral for church as we have been invited to the confirmation service of Godfrey’s son. Godfrey is the General Secretary of the Diocese. He has three children who normally live in Mwanza with his wife but they are all in Murgwanza for the school holiday. The children attend an International School in Mwanza and have great English. Following the service we have been invited to a celebration event….so another big Sunday is ahead.


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