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The rains are here!!

Marg, Marg, the rains are 'ere!!! Today, we have decided, marks the beginning of the wet season SO... out came the slip n slide. Strange one would use a slip n slide in the rain, but given how precious water is and that most people have to cart it far to use, why not use God’s natural resources. I headed out in my raincoat with my boys ready to slide, soon it was too much for Oli’s mate, Wiz, so he stripped off his clothes and came to join us. Thank you Stephen and Ruth and crew who got us the slip n slide in June for Oli’s birthday, it rocks in the rain as well!!!


We are so happy that mum also has been able to see the rains and hopefully things will green up a bit again. The down side of the wet is that our circuit breaker clicks off every few minutes in a storm which plays havoc with our power and internet. But we are not complaining as we love the rain. School started again this morning...thanks for your prayers but we need some more. I am afraid there were the same old tears and tantrums to begin but we did however end well. I then went to Mchungaji Mwema with Rob to do my First Aid Training BUT, such is life in Africa, I was not able to do it today as they were having a water problem and the Form 2 students were doing their Mock Exams. We will arrange another time….Rob will return next week to start installing the network cable.

For now I have 5 little boys on the couch, lollipops in situ watching Mitchell play a new computer game that Gilbert has given us. Langauge appears no barrier despite the fact that Wiz and Upendo speak not a word of English and my Swahili is limited but they all seem happy.


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