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The holiday continues

Mitchell cookingThe holiday continues……we returned from Mwanza on Monday afternoon to our dinner waiting (God bless Godriva). Oli and Jake disappeared off down the ridge to ‘check everything was still there’. We have enjoyed a relaxing 5 days back in Murgwanza.

With no school to occupy our mornings the boys have found a new few interests. Mitchell has taken up cooking with zeal and after frying his own egg each morning he baked his first batch of solo biscuits on Friday. They looked great but lacked a bit of taste but not bad for a first attempt. A parcel of wool arrived from Grandma in Sydney so Jake has got stuck into French Knitting (we even taught Lucy Klein how to do it). Gotta love a toilet roll and 4 paddle pop sticks!! Oli has been intrigued by the BBC documentary Grandma sent on the Rift Valley which runs through East Africa and we have all learnt that Mt Kilimanjaro is a volcano!!!

French Knitting


Nat and Stu arrived on Thursday afternoon and we have enjoyed showing them around Murgwanza and generally just catching up on news back home and life at St Phils. It’s been so nice to talk to people in English that we have history with. Shame they are leaving tomorrow. Today we introduced them to goat kebabs and yesterday they had a nice time meeting the locals and Stu had a bit of a kick around of the football at the pitch.

Today the boys got haircuts again. AU$1 total for the three boys; you get what you pay for I guess! Tonight they all need a good head scrub.


We continue to enjoy our afternoon run arounds at the field where we usually take a couple of soccer balls and a Frisbee and join in with whoever is there. The locals know when they see us coming the games are on. There are very few proper soccer balls here except for ours so when they see us they know there will be play. We always feel terrible when we are ready to go home for dinner and take the balls home with us. But if we left them there they would ‘disappear’ and at least this way the balls last a bit longer. I did bring back a new soccer ball for the nursing students and left it is responsible hands - they take their football very seriously.

Stuart with Themistocras

Yesterday was the graduation for the 2nd Year Nursing students who have now completed their course. It was a 5 hour service at the cathedral all in Swahili. I used our visitors as an excuse not to go!! The 1st Years start exams on Monday; many have casually asked me if I have submitted questions on the lecture I gave. I have not but I did tell them that Nigel had my notes so there could well be questions on my topics!!

Mitch and Jake have just arrived home with Gilbert (Pastor Absaloms son) laden with kerosene and wicks and they are going to conduct a science experiment!!!

BoysOliver is out up a tree (as usual) with two new friends he has just made in the past week - Wiz and his brother Upendo. Oli and the 2 boys have come in now and are playing with cars. Wiz and Upendo speak not a word of English but seem to enjoy the toy cars.

On Monday we start school again, on the down hill run till we finish in December. We may have one more 1 week break before then in October and take the boys for a short break to Bujumbura.

I start my First Aid Training at Mchungaji Mwema on Monday also which is a bit scarey. Give me nursing students any day - teenagers freak me out!!

Rob has anther 300m of Cat 6 cable so will come with me and start networking the school.

Mum goes in a week and a half. The boys will sorely miss her iPhone and Mac and I surely will miss her also!!


Time Difference

If you have a song of faith in your heart, it will be heard by the look on your face.~

Allan Dykastra
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