Serengeti Safari

We have been enjoying a mid-year break in Mwanza and the Serengeti. We arrived in Mwanza on Tuesday afternoon after receiving another fire sticker fine just outside Mwanza. In Tanzania, it is ok to drive with 20 people packed into a small taxi BUT if you don’t have a valid fire sticker you get a 20,000Tsh fine. The fire sticker along with a fire extinguisher is compulsory on all vehicles. We were stopped in Ngara a couple of weeks ago and our sticker checked. It was due to expire in July, we asked the nice policeman where can we get another one. He said Bukoba (which is miles away) but it’s ok now. We said we are going to Mwanza next month, can we get one there? No problem he says. So after just getting off the ferry in Mwanza region and being able to smell the swimming pool we are stopped. Your sticker is out of date sir. "We know" we say "we are from Ngara, we have come to Mwanza to get a new one". But this is already out of date - sorry I have to fine you. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRrrGGGGGGGGGG – meanwhile, buses cars taxis all overloaded with people and definitely not roadworthy speed on by…..this is Africa!!!

So onto Mwanza and we woke up Wednesday morning on a mission; jobs to do:

  • Buffet breakfast complete with bacon
  • Car service and new fire sticker
  • Tanzanian soccer jersey for Jake
  • New soccer balls – for us and for the nursing students
  • 300m Cat 6 cable

All done and back to the pool before lunch!!

Thursday and onto the Serengeti, a leisurely 2 hour drive to the gate and another bumpy 2 hour drive to the lodge for lunch followed by an afternoon game drive. Mum chose to stay behind and enjoy the pool and the quiet while we headed out. We saw hippos, elephant’s masses of zebra, wildebeest and gazelles as well as many many giraffes including one particularly frisky male. Bioliogy lesson for today – tick. We returned to the lodge for dinner and to Jakes thrill we were escorted by Massai back to our rooms as there are no fences in the lodge and we needed protection from wild animals!!!

During the night there was some animals outside chomping on grass that kept us adults awake but all the boys slept soundly till our 5:30am wake up call for the next days safari.

An early breakfast and then off for a 2 hour drive to central Serengeti. On the way we saw lions feeding and a leopard with its fresh kill, not to mention more giraffes, hippos, elephants, baboons, ostrich, gazelles, zebras, buffalo, warthog and so much more.

We returned to the lodge about 3:30pm after our 7am departure and went straight to the pool to try and wash off some of the dust, followed by another lovely meal and a good night’s sleep for all.

Now we are back in Mwanza for a couple of nights. The boys are lapping up the pool and the Cartoon Network channel on the TV. Rob is loving the fast internet and mum and I are enjoying a rest. Rob and I will go to U-Turn tomorrow (the super super market) and stock up on coffee, bacon, jam and cheese to name a few things on the list.

Back to Murgwanza on Monday and ready for the arrival of Nat and Stu who are flying in to Kigali from Kenya for a few days stay.

Did I mention amongst the whole fire sticker debacle that not one policeman or the place that replaced our sticker has actually seen our fire extinguisher!!!!!

Thanks mum so much for shouting us our Safari adventure!!

Rob has put some of the Safari Photos on the front page album viewer.


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