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Another day in Murgwanza

We have had another fun weekend and day one of home school holidays today. Today is very windy in Murgwanza – this is rare so we got out the kites and had a go up at the oval. Unfortunately we lost one kite when the local kids holding it let go and it got stuck in a tree. The tree was too big to climb but we left a bunch of local boys throwing rocks at it to try and get it down. I think one of them asked me if he got it down could he keep it. I said ok and he was very pleased. We will check later today if it is still there.

On Saturday night Rob and I went to an engagement party for one of the Tumaini staff and friend Ezron. In true African style we were invited at about 2pm on Saturday for the party that night to start at 6pm. I asked was that 6pm Africa time or wazungu time!!! I suggested maybe we should come at 8pm (as the Tanzanians are traditionally late). He said "OK come at 6:30pm then – oh and Rob bring your guitar!!!" So Rob and I arrived about 6:45pm……we were the only ones there. Finally by about 8:30pm, enough people were there and the party started. Quite different to an Aussie engagement party…no grog for a start!! Secondly we all sat in chairs facing the front while the family and bride and bride groom to be say at the front. Most of the event was speeches and introductions…all in Swahili. The MC asked Mr Robert at one stage to say a few words. Rob boldly stood up and said "I haven’t understood one word all night" but he passed on his greetings and best wishes to the happy couple. The MC then informed everyone that Rob had prepared a special musical item for us all. This was the first Rob had heard of it but he took up the challenge and played a couple of songs and we had a bit of a sing along. Ezron wanted Rob to play Father Abraham as he had seen a clip of it on Rob’s computer when we had sung it with Winston and Wilbrod. We couldn't work out if Ezron was serious or not but Rob opted for a couple of less interactive options. All in all it was a great fun night.

Sunday we did a quiet family church at home – we had planned to go to the cathedral at 8am but Rob and I didn't quite wake up in time. We spent a lazy day at home. Mitchell has become a keen cook and we are drowning in milk so we made pancakes for a late breakfast and Mitch made a chocolate cake that we enjoyed for afternoon tea with the Kliens. We went to town for goat kebabs for dinner and Oli lost another tooth while eating!!

Tomorrow we are off to Mwanza for a short break and to get the car serviced and buy a few things we need, like 300m of Cat 6 cable (whatever that is???). We might pick up a couple more soccer balls too...ours are rapidly deteriorating. Then on to the Serengeti for a couple of days. The boys are super excited and have been counting sleeps for a week.

It is still very dry here despite a couple of heavy rain showers last week. Still smokey from the fires and now this weird wind!! Rob has just come in after a morning out at the hospital and the Diocese Offices. He is frustrated as usual at the differences in work practice.

We have been trying to arrange a school transfer for Ephraim from Murgwanza Secondary to Ngara. Ngara Secondary being the main district school is much better equipped with Science laboratories and more maths and science teachers. One of the Womancraft girls got the transfer approved before she left with the District Education Commissioner for Ngara but it requires a letter from Ephraims father to be signed and approved by the Murgwanza Headmaster. Murgwanza are loath to let Ephraim go as he is a bright student. He recently came with his last results and had come top of Form 2, he brought me his results to open even before showing his father. I was very humbled that he held me is such respect. Fortunately there is an American teacher at Murgwanza at the moment and she is supportive of Ephraim’s transfer. Ephraim came today to get the letter from us that his father had written and said he was facing some opposition but the American teacher had stepped in and now they were agreeing. I am torn as to whether to be happy that our influence has made the move possible but then angry that it is only because of wazungu influence that they will let him move to where he will clearly get a better education and opportunity to do well. Ephraim and James will come this afternoon and let me know how it went. They tell me they need to talk to me - that there are ‘problems’, especially with James. Ephraim didn't want to talk about it without James so no one could be accused of telling stories!!! These boys are breaking my heart.


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