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Celebrating six months in Murgwanza

Today we are celebrating 6 months in Murgwanza!!! It has certainly been an interesting time. We have laughed, cried, loved and learned. We have made many new friends and we hope have done some good work.

I have had a busy working week. This week I finally completed the catalogue and stocktaking of the Nursing School Library. Now we just need to develop some sort of user friendly computerised borrowing system. At the moment books are written in a book and signed out by a member of staff, the problem being it is a laborious process to check when books are overdue or students have above their allowable quota. Mum has been assisting me this week which made the task quicker and more enjoyable.

I have also locked in my First Aid Training at Mchungaji Mwema for after we get back from Mwanza. I went to visit the school on Monday to have a look at their first aid kit. I was shown a locked wooden box on the floor but no one was sure who had the key!! Hopefully I will get into it next time to update their supplies and teach them how to use them.

On Friday Mum and I assisted with some Prac Exam for the First Year Nursing Students. They were required to apply two different types of arm slings and then do a simple DRABC primary survey exercise. It was interesting to see the varying abilities but most did quite well. It was a long couple of hours, especially for the poor 2nd Year Student who was the patient for 20 students in a row!!

Yesterday we farewelled another 4 Womencraft workers who are leaving during the week and welcomed 4 US volunteers who are in the Ngara District for 12 months teaching at three of the government schools. The teacher at Murgwanza will be teaching English which will be a great help. They are all part of an organisation called US Teach, one of the girls at Rulenge has volunteered many times in Tanzanian in the past and plans to return to the US to study medicine. Maybe one day she will be back here again as a medical elective student!!

This morning we had our biggest home church service yet with 8 adults and 5 kids. Liz is back from her recent travels (for now) and she has brought Faith Blake (CMS-A Mission Secretary) with her. Faith is here for her final pastoral visit before her retirement (rumour has it she had brought TIM TAMS with her!!!!). Andy and Jenny Bennet joined us as well so we had quite a crowd. It is always lovely to share and learn and praise and worship in English!!! Tomorrow night we are all getting together for dinner.

Later today Winston, Wilbrod and Enoch are coming to cook ‘stinky fish’ (Dagaa) for us for lunch/dinner. These are tiny dried fish you can buy in the market (they smell) but we have been assured they taste good once cooked up. We are willing to give it a go!! If it’s really bad we have plenty of rice and soda and I even baked a chocolate cake so we won’t starve. Winston is particularly a fan of ‘cakey’. We didn’t realise when we planned the date last week that today would be our 6 month anniversary so it has turned into a celebration and not just a meal – hence the soda!!

Stinky Fish

As a 6 month thing also, Rob and I, (well OK, Rob) is going to put together a Celebrating 6 Month’s short film. I have been busily videoing home school and home church amongst other things to put together to give you an update of life here in Murgwanza.

We are counting sleeps till we go on Safari in the Serengeti. We leave Murgwanza Tuesday week and have two nights in Mwanza either side of the Serengeti stay. We need to get the car serviced and do a bit of shopping as well as some swimming in the pool and even maybe a pedicure for Mum and me. Then we return to Murgwanza and a few days later Nat and Stu arrive from Oz for three nights. Then Gershom from Dodoma is coming for a week in September and Jon and Anneke for a few days in October. We are still trying to pin Ruth and Kirk down but hopefully they will make it sometime in December; so a busy few months ahead. We have much interest in our car so it should be easy to sell at the end of the year.

I am still trying to discern between students’ needs and wants. I find it really hard to say no to their requests but sometimes I think it is the right thing to do, but that never makes it any easier. Almost every day I get a request for something different, ranging from new socks and undies to food or medicine and anything in between like soap, exercise books and even money for a goat!! It is a personal struggle I have daily and Rob and Mum fear I am being taken advantage of – I just don’t know.

It is very dry and smoky here. The fires are getting closer each day. They are quite spectacular at night but it does destroy our view during the day. We suspect it won’t be long before they make it to our fire break just down the hill. There was much concern the other night that “The Forest of Doom” had been engulfed, but it seems to have been spared.

I was reminded this week that life is a journey and we are continually growing and changing through the journey. I was reminded (by a good friend) to read about Paul in his letter to the Philippians Chapter 3 to ‘press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus’ and so ‘stand firm in the Lord’ Philippians 4:1.


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