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The Planning Begins Jan 2010

Welcome to our first update on our plans for Tanzania in 2011. We hope you find these spots useful and you can be praying for us.

From the beginning - Rob and I have always felt a calling to do something for those less fortunate then ourselves. We feel living in our comfortable home in Sydney that we have so many riches and wanted to share those with others. God calls us to love and serve one another and what better way then on an overseas mission. Secretly also we hope it will expose our boys Mitchell (9) and Jake (7) and Oliver (4 1/2) to real poverty and give them a better perspective of need. Right from the beginning of the process we have included our boys in our discussions and plans and they are excited and understandably a little anxious but we continue to assure them we are doing this as a family and God will have His hand over us every step of the way.

So what are the plans - in a nutshell to spend a year in Tanzania as Short Term Volunteers (STV) with CMS. That means living and working (on a volunteer basis) there and some how educating our boys so they can return to school in Sydney in 2012 into Years 6,4 and 1.

At this stage we have began the application process with CMS which is quite involved. We have met with them to discuss possible placements for us and now we wait and see what the Lord has planned for us. The placement we are pursuing at the moment is in Murgwanza in the north of Tanzania near the Rwanda - Burindi border. Murgwanza is a village that has a hospital, primary and secondary school and a church. We hope to be involved in all these things. At present there are 3 CMS missionaries in Murgwanza long term with another family, The Kleins, on the way to start a long term placement. We had the opportunity while in Adelaide at Christmas to meet Rose and Nigel Klein at Holy Trinity before they left. Rose is a doctor and will work at the hospital, her husband Nigel is a Nurse Educator and will be working in the nursing school there. They have 2 little girls aged 5 and 7 whom they plan to send to the local school. We would love to have the opportunity to go and help support them. Sas would work in the hospital nursing school helping to educate the nurses - and Rob could do almost anything - the hospital, the school and the church would all benefit from Rob's IT and handy-man services and he could teach and or tutor kids outside of school hours. Our boys we would probably home school but they may attend the local school part time and do some homeschooling as well.

So for now we continue to plan for a year overseas. Rob and I need to do some missions training so we have enrolled in a course - Perspectives on World Mission - a 13 week evening coarse on Thursday nights at St Thomas's in North Sydney beginning in March. We will also do MIST training weekend in September.

As for finances this is a totally self funded trip - CMS will provide prayer support, advice and help with organising but we need to save all the money we will need for the year away. We intend to do some fund-raising throughout the year which we hope will also act as ministry to inform people of what we are doing and why we want to go and serve. We hope you will be praying for us this year and next and for the people of Tanzania.


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