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March 2010 What we are up to!!

Well what a month February was and March looks just as busy.

We have completed the first step of our application to CMS and submitted our application forms and referees forms. Now we each have an individual interview plus and interview together. Next we need to arrange medicals for the whole family - look out GP land here comes the Lawler boys.

Rob and I have commenced our course on Perspectives on the World Christian Movement a 13 week evening course which is intense and involves many hours of reading and homework between each week - please pray for energy and endurance for this as we are both not good late at night and have not studied for many years.

We have made contact and met with many wonderful people who have connections with mission and with Murgwanza as well. We lunched with Helen and Raymond Howes who both have spent many years involved with Africa and particularly Tanzania. They shared their wisdom and experiences of Africa and we saw many photos of Tanzania and including Murgwanza which was very exciting.

I have spoken at length with Russell Clarke who with his wife Kay were CMS missionaries in Moshi in Tanzania at KCMC. Russell worked as a doctor there and gave me a good insight into the nursing care and training in Tanzania. He put me in touch with another lady Angie Savage who is working as a nurse educator still in Moshi at KCMC and emailing with her has also been enlightening and encouragaging.

We have been following Joel and Elaine's blogs who have just spent the last 2 months in Murgwanza, Elaine doing her medical elective there at the Murgwanza Hospital. We hope to meet up with them on their return to Sydney.

We are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with all we have ahead of us and it's early days yet. I'll endevour to keep you up to date but please our biggest prayer at the moment is for time and energy to get done all we need to for Africa as well as our respective paid jobs and running a house and looking after 3 busy boys.




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